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Aug 13, 2020

Current Obsession.


All day, every day.

This is why I love August.  It's my favorite month of summer (the perfect time to go to the beach!), and full of expectation for the school year and also, it's almost my birthday, so that makes it exciting.  But one of my favorite things about the end of summer are peaches.  My parents frequent a few farm stands in our area, and came home with a ton of these beauties on Saturday.  My mom and I spent probably an hour peeling and cutting them to freeze them for fall and winter smoothies.  Then, she bought another bag this week (read:  more peeling, cutting, and freezing).  You could say the woman's on a freezing frenzy.  I'm not complaining, cause it'll mean those wonderful August peaches all fall & winter!

While I'm a huge fan of just a plain ol' peach all on it's own (or peaches in oatmeal, or peaches and ice cream, or a peach smoothie, or peaches in fruit salad...), one thing I've always wanted to do is grill them...anyone have a good recipe or tips?

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