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Sep 25, 2020

Fall Fashion

Can I just say how much I love that fall is here?  It's my favorite season, hands down.  And I'm thoroughly enjoying getting to start dressing for the season!

My mom and I went shopping the other day and I picked up a few things and am completely delighted that it's now cool enough to start layering and not feel like I'm going to melt in pants.

Pictured above are a few favorite outfits for fall so far...and here's what they're made of. (I'm now realizing that all of the pieces shown above came from about three different stores....so now we know I'm a consistent shopper...and pretty cheap too.)

(My watch is also pictured in this post and it's by Betsey Johnson (it's one of my favorite accessories))
(My phone case is from the Refined collection by Case Mate)

Outfit 1:
Pink Chambray Shirt:  Old Navy // Sweater:  Target // Skirt:  Target // Taupe Booties:  Gap // Necklace:  Forever21

Outfit 2:
Striped shirt:  Old Navy // Blue Polka-dot Blazer:  Gap // Jeans:  Legging Jean by Gap // Shoes:  Old Navy // Necklace:  Walk in Love

Outfit 3:
Chambray Shirt w/ little anchors:  Old Navy // Sweater:  Handed down from a friend // Jeans:  Boyfriend Jean by Old Navy // Shoes:  Gap // Necklace:  Target


  1. I'm so glad fall is here as well...I love comfy sweaters and leather boots!! And your style is beautiful...your cream sweater and blue shirt combo is my favorite =)

  2. I love fall season so much , oh your 2nd outfit looks best :)

  3. Fall fashion amongst all other things fall, is the reason this is my favorite season. How can anyone not love fall.


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