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Sep 19, 2020

HTB on Facebook!

Confession:  this feels really weird.  I've avoided creating a page for HTB on Facebook for awhile now, mostly because it always feels awkward and show-y to promote myself (I cringed when I published my photography Facebook page), but I finally did it.  

The reality is that I follow a lot of other blogs that I like to read on Facebook, and it helps me stay in touch, and read, those blogs a lot more than I would if I didn't like those pages.  Seeing links to new posts while I'm browsing my news feed during a bit of down time on my phone often leads me to reading those posts.  So I'm taking the plunge.

And I invite you to plunge with me!  If you like Heavens to Betsy (which, obviously you do since you're taking the time to read this...heh), then head on over to my brand new Facebook page and like away! I sure would appreciate the love.

Oooh...and don't forget....throughout September, you can get 30% off of all ad spaces with the code "SeptemberLove"!  (That means you can advertise for as cheap as $0.70.  What else can you buy for seventy cents?!)

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