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Jan 7, 2020

That Time I Didn't Blog for a Month...

Man oh man!  This holiday season was just craziness for me, and unfortunately, that meant that blogging took a back seat to life.

Here's a quick update of what I've been up to….

December was filled with parties…a gift wrapping party with friends, a crafting party with the small group of 7th grade girls that I lead, an ugly sweater party, a work party, and Jen's bachelorette day of shopping and food and laughter.
December was filled with work…prep for our SEVEN Christmas Eve services, creating a white birch forest for our stage, decorating the building and setting up our Christmas Eve "experience".
December was filled with family and friends…a trip to Boston to get AJ, time spent celebrating Christmas and New Years with both of our families, and dinner out for Mom & Dad's 28th wedding anniversary!
January is off to a wonderful start so far, specifically with the marriage of my best friend! (More to come on that!), and we're getting back into a normal routine.  I'm fortunate enough to have AJ home until January 21, so until then, we're enjoying as much time together as possible!

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  1. I was checking your blog early this morning and thought, wow, she hasn't blogged in awhile. I love this update! You certainly were a tad bit busy in December! I can't wait to read your blog about the wedding! Thanks again for being part of it and helping make it a wonderful celebration! Love you to pieces!


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