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Dec 30, 2020


every christmas, my family heads to nyc for a day.  we meander around the city and just enjoy spending time as a family.  for the most part, we don't have an agenda, and we go with no expectations.

this year was a little different, if only for the fact that my brother and natalie got engaged!  we took the staten island ferry into the city and then mark and natalie hopped on a train into brooklyn to grab coffee, saying that they'd meet up with us on the brooklyn bridge.  we all knew what was coming but she had no idea!  the rest of us headed up to the manhattan side of the bridge, grabbed some starbucks and a belgian liege wafle (if you haven't discovered the wafels and dinges food trucks in manhattan then you haven't lived) and started the walk across the bridge.

we met up with mark and natalie on the bridge, celebrated that she said yes, and then headed back into midtown to grab dinner and see the tree at rockefeller center.  natalie and i did a little shopping at anthropologie while everyone else walked up to the park and then we all headed home.  all in all, it was such a great day in the city!

do you have any holiday traditions?

Apr 28, 2020

Scenes from New York

AJ, and his mom, and I went to visit his sister (who's finishing her freshman year at Marymount Manhattan) in New York yesterday.  We literally could not have picked a better day!  The weather was perfect and it seemed like all of New York was out to play!

We wandered around Central Park, explored the Met, had lunch at the Boathouse, and then ate the most delicious wafels (yes, that's spelled right!) from Wafels and Dinges (they have a few food trucks around the city.  If you're in NYC and happen upon one, make the stop.  They're incredible.).  Then, we wandered down to the village to listen to some jazz and do a little browsing before having dinner at Pizza Roma on Bleecker Street and finishing off the day with a cupcake from Magnolia.  It was a perfect day!
The city skyline from the reservoir in Central Park
Wandered into Bleecker Street Records
Spotted this sweet moment in Central Park
The wafels!  SO so so good.
A friendly cat at Bleecker Street Records and a little basement jazz club.
Found:  a vinyl of the March on Washington!  So cool.

Dec 29, 2020


Every year during the week between Christmas and New Years, my family tries to take a day trip to New York City.  Since we're only about two and a half hours from the city, day trips are easy.  And there's nothing like New York at Christmastime.  This year, we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.  We also spent some time around midtown, Central Park, Times Square, saw the Rockefeller tree (of course), and the Macy's windows.  The city is just so magical this time of year! 
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