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Oct 2, 2020

His & Hers Style // JORD Watches

AJ and I received these watches in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are ours!

For our first Christmas together, when AJ and I were together for just under a year, I bought him a watch.  He had been talking for a while about how guitarists always wore these cool watches, and he loved the way they looked, so I found him one that I thought he would love and surprised him before our Christmas Eve services started so that he could wear it while he played on our church's worship team that year.  He's had a little bit of a love affair ever since, and it's made gift giving really easy for me!  Fast forward to the following Christmas...I was about to start student teaching and knew I needed a watch to wear daily, so my parents bought me one for Christmas and I've worn it nearly every day since.  

Since those Christmas holidays, both of our watch collections have grown, but it's not often that you find a watch that just feels totally right on your wrist.  Personally, I love a watch that has a little bit of give to it, one that moves on my wrist, one that feels like a bracelet.  AJ loves the opposite.  He wants a watch to stay put.  I love rose gold, he loves dark colors.  When we discovered JORD wood watches, we were both smitten.  We both fell in love with different watches:  him, the Fieldcrest in Zebrawood & Maple, me, the Sidney in Maple & Rose Gold.  

We loved the attention to detail that we got with JORD.  Our watches arrived perfectly packaged in wooden boxes and were able to be sized when we ordered them.  We also loved styling them with everyday outfits...I've worn mine around the office and while running errands, with jeans and a blouse and with a dress and my jean jacket.  AJ has done the same:  he wore his to work this week and also for a day out and about.  We love having his & hers watches and have gotten so many compliments on them in just a few short days!  

Check out how we're wearing our JORD watches!

HIS // Pants:  Old Navy; Jacket:  Old Navy; Shirt:  Old Navy; Watch:  JORD
HERS // Dress:  Old Navy; Jacket:  Gap; Boots:  Target; Necklace:  Charming Charlie; Watch:  JORD

Unique Watch

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