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Jan 9, 2020


I've been a bit absent from this space this week.  But it's for a good reason...
AJ and I have been hard at work changing my purple-and-yellow-picked-out-in-middle-school-and-totally-outgrown room into the "adult" bedroom I've envisioned since I moved home from college two years ago.  His Christmas gift to me was to paint my room (he wins the best boyfriend ever award), and I love doing anything myself, so I offered to help.  So we've been hard at work since Sunday night moving furniture, painting, replacing outlets, and moving and rearranging again.  We've still got to do my walk-in closet and hang some things on the walls, and organize some more, but we're on our way!

If you want to catch a glimpse of what my room looked like before, check out my room tour.  Unfortunately, I don't really have any sweeping shots of the entire room, but you can at least see the light yellow walls.

And here's just a sneak peek at my new room!  Once everything is in and just how I want it, I'll do a full room tour, but here are some little things that have fallen into place already that I love!

My aunt and uncle dropped off a few pieces of furniture for me the other day, and this little table was among them.  It turns out that it's perfect for my records!  The table I used to have my record player on just doesn't really fit...it was big and bulky and didn't have a place for my records.  This little phone table is perfect.  I have some DIY upcycle ideas for it, which will have to wait for warmer weather, but in the meantime, I replaced the old wooden drawer knob with this pretty one that I found at Home Depot and spray painted white.
AJ's mom gave me these cute birds on a wire photo clips for Christmas.  Perfect for displaying instagram prints from PostalPix!
I decided that I was only going to bring things back into my room that I actually use, which means my once loaded bookshelves have gone from two to one very bare one.  I really like the clean look of it so far, and I gave AJ permission to make me give even more books away, so I'm going to be getting rid of quite a few more.
My room has this little alcove with a half-wall that overlooks our foyer.  I've never had my bed in that area before, but decided to put it there and I absolutely LOVE it.  

Can't wait to share more photos with you!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your room! Love your vintage style....the open space and the bird photo holder. I would use that. ;)

    Iris♥ -The Blue Birdhouse

    PS: Can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. Oh how fun! Love the bird photo holder so much! Where did it come from! You room looks lovely!

  3. Your room is absolutely beautiful. I am in the process of re-painting my apartment too. I'm starting with the hallway (while I sell of furniture and other bits from the main rooms) and will then make my way into the main rooms. It takes a long time with kids around !! But so worth it, my walls are looking so fresh. Isn't it amazing what a lick of paint can do !!

  4. Love the new room! You guys did such a great job! I bet it feels good to have a new space!

  5. yay for you! so happy :) are your wall white now? gray?


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