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Jan 2, 2020

December Favorites

Can you believe December is already over?  It feels like it came and went SO fast...I still can't believe that the holidays are over!

Today I'll be recapping some of my favorite posts from last month.  December was an exciting month here on Heavens to Betsy.  I rolled out (another) new blog design.  Sometimes I just get fickle.  But this one is here to stay, I think.  I also started to focus my content and tried to write more quality, photo-rich, and well-put-together posts!  Some of these changes have been subtle, some a little more obvious, like the addition of a bunch of topics in my menu bar (check them out...they have thumbnails of different posts in each category!).  I'm pretty proud of that last one.

So here are some of my favorite posts from December!
I started the month with a room tour of my bedroom.  I'll have to do another one of these soon, as AJ and I are going to paint and redo my room next week (eeeep!).
Then I gave you a little peek at my vinyl collection.  I started collecting records when I got my record player in September.  It's one of my new favorite collections!
I gave some tips on how to arrange bookshelves, after I spent a day reorganizing and purging myself of books.
I shared five tips for surviving finals week while I was heading into mine.  I like to think these apply to any stressful time, though.
Before Christmas, I posted a DIY for Yarn-Wrapped Candles.  Super easy.  Super fast.  Super cheap.  It's the perfect craft.  (and it looks good too!)
And finally, I posted a DIY for Homemade Soy Candles.  This is my favorite DIY to date, mostly because these look (and smell) so good!  I made them for all of my aunts/grandmothers/my mom, and they loved them.  And they were fairly cheap to make, too!

And that was December!  Stay tuned for lots of fun posts in January!


  1. Hey girlie! I'm really interested in your DIY soy candles post...the hubs and I LOVE candles and it would be so fun to make my own. I'm sure they are hits as gifts too, like you mentioned.

    Thanks for applying for my swap ad :) New follower!

  2. So sweet!! You are seriously the cutest EVER. Have a super happy first weekend of 2013! Just stopping by from Sugar and Dots to say hello. :) XO


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