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Feb 17, 2020

I'm Wishing...

for spring
for walks and runs outside
for stargazing weather, even if snuggling under a blanket is required
for shorts and sweatshirt weather
for outdoor projects, like refinishing my record table
for outdoor recess
for iced green teas with three pumps of classic
for hammocks and books
for picnics
for little day trips and dates
for warm rainy days
for cuffed jeans and sandals
for dresses sans tights
for grilling chicken and salmon on cedar planks

do you see a trend here?

dear punxsutawney phil, you promised an early spring; please deliver. thanks.


  1. I so want a early spring. Like right now. Its in the lower teens here right now ;)

  2. Last year I felt like I got gypped out of winter - it never snowed, was only a little cold, and we hit the seventies in MARCH. (New England, what are you doing?) And this year...well, after the crazy storm that knocked Boston out for a whole weekend, with only more snow in the forecast...I'm eating my words. I just want some lemonade and to sit on a porch already!!!

  3. ooooooh I have been dreaming of Spring for weeks! Especially with all of these trendy pastels floating around.... sheesh. We had a tease with some 50 degree weather yesterday..... SO nice!


  4. Me too, Betsy. Yesterday we had a taste of Spring here... perfect weather. But it will go cold this week again. I love Tazo green tea from Starbucks, what's your fave? Got a book in mind you will read?

  5. Definitely wishing for the same things! Especially recess. We had an unexpected sunny day last week and playing outside with the preschoolers I work with was so much fun. :)


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