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Feb 24, 2020


This weekend has been filled with parties.  On Thursday, AJ and I celebrated Valentine's Day/1-Year Anniversary properly by going out to dinner.
Friday was my mom's birthday and I had two friends over for late-night, much needed girl time.
On Saturday, I went to one of those friend's bridal showers, and because it was my brother's birthday, spent the evening celebrating with family.
Today consisted of church/work and homework.  Ah, the joys of lesson planning.

One exciting thing that happened was that AJ surprised me with an Instax Mini for V-day!  I've been wanting one for a while.  I have a polaroid, but film for it is impossible to find, and I'm still working on a stash of film that expired in 2006, but that I got for free from my aunt's former workplace.

Unfortunately, all of my polaroids turn out something like this, due to the fact that I only have expired film.

Fortunately, the Instax performs much better, due to the fact that the film is NOT expired.

It's really a fun little camera.  The photos are about the size of a credit card, and they're fun to display on my bulletin board or taped to my mirror.  I'll definitely be sharing more as I take more photos!

How was your weekend? 


  1. nice pics.love your layout.


  2. i want an instax mini so bad! it'd be so fun to have photos instantly to put up around the house. yours are so cute!

  3. Aw, so cute! Love that he got that for you!


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