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Mar 7, 2020

Get Fit. Stay Motivated.

confession time:  i have been so lazy this winter when it came to working out.  and i really have no excuse.

last summer and fall, i finally hit a breakthrough in my love/hate relationship with running.  i started kicking up my mileage and really pushing myself and actually ran a 10k…my longest distance ever!  and then it got cold.  and snowy.  and it stayed cold and snowy and i decided to stay inside in sweaters, wrapped up in blankets.  even though i have a gym membership that isn't cheap.

what sort of perpetuated this is that i (fortunately) really didn't gain any weight, so there wasn't this feeling of "oh my gosh i need to go to the gym."

but this weekend, something really clicked.  i had been hitting the gym to bike about once a week, but for the first time in my life, i missed running!  as someone who was a three-sport athlete all through high school and who was forced to run a lot (and as someone who was definitely not a very quick runner), i grew to hate it.  so this newfound emotion…this missing running…it was just weird.  but i kinda loved it.

so anyway, i went to the gym on monday and ran 3.25 miles with this treadmill interval workout, which was awesome and really encouraging.  and so on tuesday, i went back and ran another two.  and then i went to a pilates class that afternoon.  and then on thursday, i decided to go again and bike for 30min and work on my arms.

just to round everything out and feel like i'm seeing day-to-day results, i picked out two challenges and am on day four of both of them.  I've also added a push-up challenge to these schedules as well.

and friends, let me tell you.  i'm sore.  walking like a 90-year-old woman sore.  and it feels so good!
i'm determined to stay motivated and hit some goals…and here are some ways i'm doing it:

5 ways to stay motivated (from someone who's definitely not an expert):

1.  write down some inspirational quotes and place them in places you'll see them regularly!  (you can find a ton on pinterest.  one of my current faves?  "it hurts now, but one day…it will be your warm up.")

2.  join a community!  it's awesome if you can find some workout buddies in your area for accountability, but if not, look for a virtual one!  have you heard of tone it up?  the online community is free to join, kat & karena are super encouraging and you can follow them on instagram and twitter for motivation, encouragement, and workout tips!

3.  set clear goals.  for me, it's working out 3x a week, finishing my 30-day challenges, and sticking with a plan for at least the next month, because it takes that long to create a habit!

4.  designate rewards for hitting those goals.  (it's even better if these rewards are fitness-related!)  have your eye on a new pair of sneaks or like me, a sports bra from victoria's secret?  maybe you've been wanting to treat yourself to a facial or massage.  these types of things make great rewards for reaching a goal like sticking to your plan for a set amount of time or dropping a certain amount of weight.  note:  don't make your reward something like eating a huge bowl of ice cream.  i have no problem with indulging once in a while, but rewarding yourself with food that isn't helping you reach your goals is counter-productive! 

5.  drink lots of water.  this might seem like a weird one to help you stay motivated, but when i'm well-hydrated, my entire system just feels cleaner and makes me want to treat my body better!  yesterday, i drank a crazy ton of water, and yes, i was in the bathroom a million times, but overall, i felt so so so much better and it was motivating!     

do you like to work out?  what do you do to stay fit?  any tips on staying motivated?


  1. This is so good. Especially love "one day this will be your warm up!" :) I've just started going to Zumba and Pilates is next on my list. Thanks for the tips! xoxo

    1. Thanks Lucy! I love that quote too. I was at the gym this evening and it got me through an extra mile on the treadmill! My gym has Zumba, and I've done it once or twice and LOVED it, but the classes are at the weirdest times…like 11am on Sunday. Haha

  2. Such great tips! I, for one, hate running but I love working out! Running is just not my thing. At the gym, I wander towards the stair climber and elliptical or bike... but I'm a huge fan of what I call "fun exercise!" Hiking, playing a game of kickball... But in this chilly winter, the gym is really the only option!

    1. Haha…yes, I am totally a fan of fun exercise…I love dancing (like Zumba!) or kickboxing…anything that makes the time go by quickly. But I've so desired to love running for a while and I'm really trying (and getting there!)

  3. This is great, with graduation coming up I need to work out like now. Seeing other people motivated it super helpful. Keep up the good work, and maybe someday I will get off the couch.

    xo. Kailagh

    1. Do it girl! Even when my workout is less intense or shorter than other days, I always think "a short workout is better than no workout!" :)

  4. I totally agree - my giant breakthrough was when I realized I missed running too! (And it took A. WHILE.) Now I get an itch if I haven't in a week or so. :]

    1. It's kinda crazy! And I'm learning that I really need to just push through those first two/two and a half miles, and then it gets even easier. My avg run is around 3mi, but I really want to train for a half marathon this summer


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