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Mar 24, 2020

Grateful Monday

two weeks ago, i linked up with emily (over at ember grey) to start my week with a grateful heart.  it was such a good way to start the week that i'd like to try to do it every monday.

here's what i'm particularly grateful about today:

a week spent with aj enjoying his spring break
my mom's baked oatmeal
a few days of subbing next week (aka:  extra income)
pretty mugs
discovering a new logic puzzle app
60-degree weather this weekend (even if they're calling for snow tomorrow)
cheap flights from philly to boston
other bloggers who encourage & inspire

emily runs a little grateful heart link-up every monday…i encourage you to go check it out, read some of the other posts, and consider participating! 

what are you grateful for today?


  1. Isn't it nice starting the week out positively instead of with a feeling of dread? Glad you're linking up!

    1. It so is! I love starting my week this way!

  2. Love these! Do you make your mom's baked oatmeal? My mom makes the best banana bread I've ever had and every time I attempt her recipe, it just doesn't taste the same. There's just something about your mom's cooking! :)

    1. I help her make it every Monday morning. We work at the same church and are both in meetings on Monday mornings, so we take a big casserole dish of it in for our team! But she definitely has the magic touch. :)

  3. I may have to start linking up with this! Love starting the week with a fresh perspective, and thankfulness!

    1. Yes! The link-up is open all week I think so you have time! :)

  4. It sure is a nice sentiment. There is always something good going on!

    1. Yep…you just have to look for the good no matter what!


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