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Nov 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!  I hope your day is spent with family, friends, and being grateful!

Enjoy the turkey, the potatoes, the football, and the post-meal nap! 

Apr 27, 2020

Starting this Week with a Grateful Heart

It feels like forever since I've been in my normal blogging routine.  April has been the craziest of months, but I'm happy to report that I think we're out of the woods and life is getting back to some semblance of normal.  I spent the past week in Boston with AJ, and we had a week of absolutely no agenda, wandering around the city and just enjoying one another's company.  It could have been a little bit warmer for my taste, but at least there was no snow to be found anywhere!

It's also been forever since I linked up with Emily for Grateful Heart Monday, but I'm so ready to be back into the swing of things and linking up is just the thing my heart needs!  So here are a few things I'm particularly grateful for lately:

+ Obviously, a week spent with my love!
+ Good news for mom...we had a bit of a scare at the beginning of the week with some iffy scan results, but it turns out that everything is ok!
+ Spring is here!  Another week or two and we'll have leaves on trees here (and I can't wait!)
+ I'm getting married four months from tomorrow....eeek!
+ Ice cream.  I'm supposed to be getting in shape for the aforementioned wedding, but I maybe ate a lot of ice cream this week and I'm not sorry.
+ My puppy.  After a week away, I'm almost in tears over how cute this dog is.  He makes my heart happy!
+ A wonderful support system through our church
+ A great family to be marrying into


Mar 25, 2020

Mid-Week Grateful Heart Check-in

I can't believe we've reached Wednesday already.  These weeks are just flying by, and to be honest, I feel like a bad blogger this week....sorry!  I'm finding my brain consumed with to-do lists for wedding planning and work, and as usual before a big holiday (Christmas & Easter are the craziest times at work for me), I'm starting to have those panic dreams where stuff goes horribly wrong.  On the bright side, those dreams are usually pretty funny when I wake up, but they're a definite sign that I'm stressed!

I promise tomorrow's post will be great (it's The Guys Behind the Blog, after all!), but yesterday just didn't happen.  AJ and I had a busy weekend and we're needing to make some decisions about where to go on our honeymoon (we're looking at a few different resorts in Punta Cana and the Riviera Maya) and we're basically the most indecisive couple ever.  Plus, everything just looks gorgeous and wonderful and we just want to be married, so it's hard to choose!  Decisions take a lot of energy, friends.

So, I'm stopping in mid-week to join in with Emily's Grateful Heart Link-Up (she hosts it every Monday and it's open all week!).  I firmly believe that the practice of writing down the things and people you're grateful for can be a huge help in keeping some perspective!

Here are a few things that I'm particularly grateful for today:
+ AJ was home for a few days and he'll be back next Friday for Easter
+ We got some things checked off of our wedding to-do list this weekend
+ Fresh-pressed juice
+ The freedom (and ability) to plan an awesome honeymoon for us!
+ Easter is less than two weeks away!
+ I'm getting to spend the weekend with Madison starting tomorrow!
+ Tomorrow is our Guys Behind the Blog link-up, and AJ let me convince him to do a vlog for it!
+ Biking
+ Sunshine
+ Most of the snow is finally melted
+ My dad is feeling a bit better this week (his energy levels have been low)

And just to make your Wednesday a little cheerier...here's a fun giveaway for a copy of The Kinfolk Table!  Good luck!
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Mar 16, 2020

Getting Grateful on a Monday Afternoon

I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm not ready at all for this week!  AJ is currently in Nashville with Berklee but he's flying home on Wednesday, and I feel like I have a huge to-do list to check off before I can drop everything and just spend time with him this weekend.  Plus, I'm not feeling great.  I left church yesterday with the start of a sore throat that has just gotten worse and has also invited some nausea, a little headache, and just feelings of "ick" along with it.  I feel like crawling into bed and sleeping!

It's been a little while since I've participated in Emily's Grateful Heart Link-Up (she hosts it every Monday and it's open all week!), but I can't deny that it does good things for my heart and my perspective to start the week off with a grateful list, so I'm excited to do just that today!  It's super easy for me to get a little bit pessimistic when i'm not feeling well, so my heart needs to choose gratitude today!

Here are a few things that I'm particularly grateful for today:
+ As I mentioned, AJ's coming home!  We haven't seen one another in over 4 weeks, so I'm excited to spend some time together!
+ We are going to be getting a few things done for the wedding this weekend....yay!
+ Warm coffee in the morning
+ Working in a fantastic environment
+ Mark was home for his spring break last week....it was great to see him a bit!
+ Warmer weather settling in!  It's been in the 50s these past few days, and even though we have a few days that are in the low 40s on the horizon, even that feels warm compared to the cold, cold winter we've had!
+ The snow is melting (and you can actually see grass!)
+ Easter is only a few short weeks away
+ Having a bit of time to rest yesterday (and try to beat this cold!)


Mar 2, 2020

Starting March with a Grateful Heart

ok friends, i have to start off this post by saying a big yay for march!  despite the fact that we had another 2-3 inches of snow dumped on us last night, i'm beyond excited that spring is officially a few weeks away, warmer temps are in the forecast, and daylight savings time hits next week!  who's with me?!

it's been a little while since i've participated in emily's grateful heart link-up (she hosts it every monday and it's open all week!), but i can't deny that it does good things for my heart and my perspective to start the week off with a grateful list, so i'm excited to do just that today!

here are a few things that i'm particularly grateful for today:
+ girl time this past weekend with some covenant friends
+ the fact that i basically work next to a grocery store that has a great salad bar
+ just two more weeks until aj is home for a few days (this long distance thing while being engaged is no joke)
+ working out with my mom to dvd's that are reminiscent of good ol' 80s workout videos...so fun, you guys.  for reals.
+ blogging friends!
+ finding my bridesmaids dresses (and having a great group of girls who are going to be standing next to me at our wedding!)
+ getting my ring resized (finally)
+ oranges

and since march brings spring, which brings rain, it's also time to start gathering your rain gear!  i've teamed up with a few other bloggers to offer one of you ladies a pair of hunter boots to keep your toes warm and dry!  check out the ladies below and good luck!

Hunter Boots  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

what are you grateful for today?

Feb 16, 2020

Grateful for This Weekend

i haven't opened my computer much since last tuesday.  i headed into the second part of last week with my blog posts scheduled and when i went to bed on tuesday night, i closed my computer and it didn't open again for over 24 hours.  friends, that never happens.  but on wednesday morning, i hopped in my car and headed north towards new york city....and my fiancé.  aj took a bus early wednesday morning to the city, where his sister goes to school, and i met up with them and amanda's boyfriend, zac to see late night with seth meyers on wednesday evening.  then, aj and i headed back to pa for a whole weekend of being together.

we've been in a long distance relationship for over a year and a half now, and while we've kind of gotten used to the distance, it doesn't change the fact i want to soak up every moment we can spend together.  being engaged has only amplified that, as every time he's home we also have to tackle a few things on our wedding to-do list (this weekend it was starting our premarital counseling and doing a little wedding ring shopping).

and so, as this long weekend is winding down (he flies back to boston tomorrow evening), i can't help but be a little sad that it's almost over, but also overjoyed and filled with gratitude for this time.  this was our fourth valentine's day together, and marked exactly three years of being in a relationship.  and i'm so grateful for the way god brought this man into my life.  i'm grateful for the ways that he compliments me and how he's my best friend.  i'm grateful for the way he makes me laugh and the way he wants to fix it when i cry.

and i'm especially grateful for the opportunity to slow my pace for a few days and spend precious time with him.  we're in an exciting season of our relationship, and i'm grateful for these little weekends, soaking up every minute we can with one another.

of course, i'm also grateful for things like warm scarves and cups of coffee and really, really good french toast to end my whole30, and all of the other little blessings that god bestows day in and day out.  but today (and every day), i'm grateful for the bigger things.

i'm linking up with ember grey for grateful heart monday.  i hope you'll join in!  what are you grateful for today?

Feb 5, 2020

A Mid-Week Grateful Heart Check-In

after a long week of work (and a day of school assemblies tomorrow), i am happy to have arrived at thursday night!  my blogging calendar is quickly filling up for february (yay for planning ahead), but ember grey's weekly grateful heart link-up is one weekly post that i always hate missing (no matter how late i am)!  i love taking the time, even on a thursday night, to stop and think about a few things that i'm grateful for.

here's what i'm grateful for today:
+ cycling.  i'm a bit addicted to the cycling studio these days, and i love it!  my goal is to ride 1,000 miles by my wedding, but i'm already close to 200, so that goal might need to stretch!
+ christ's faithfulness.  my dad had scans yesterday and we find out results on tuesday.  he's feeling good and we're believing for continued healing!
+ mentors.  i've been meeting with my mentor for a few months now and it's been so good.  we just finished the circle maker and we're going to dive into the meaning of marriage in a few weeks.
+ scandal is on tonight!  ok, so not a deep sentiment, but hey, i'm excited.
+ spending time lettering this week.  i took a little bit of time to work on some new prints for the shop, so keep your eyes peeled for those coming soon!

what are you grateful for today?

Jan 26, 2020

Grateful on a Snowy Monday

happy monday friends!  i'm not sure where you're reading this from, but if you're in new england, new york, or new jersey, stay warm this week!  winter storm juno is headed right towards aj in boston (where they're predicting two feet of snow!) and it looks like we might get a few inches here (on top of the six that we got on saturday).

i'm kicking off the week with a little list of a few things i'm grateful for today...some are big and some are small, but getting into the habit of gratitude is something that has done wonders for my heart and my attitude!  if you aren't busy, join in on ember grey's weekly grateful heart link-up with me!

here's what i'm grateful for today:
+ that we were able to leave the house for a bit today (as of yesterday, we were hearing predictions ranging from 3-18" of snow!)
+ getting to the gym yesterday (my body is starting to get back to craving working out a little)
+ i've made it through 9 whole days of whole30!  this thing is not easy, and i'm not feeling particularly great today (which they say is normal), but i'm proud of myself!
+ aj and i scheduled our first premarital counseling session...grateful that we go to a church that values premarital counseling, and that we can schedule these sessions for when aj comes home!
+ a productive afternoon meeting
+ evenings spent with good friends
+ a bunch of things to look forward to coming up soon
+ warm tea

what are you grateful for today?

oh, and just to sweeten your monday...here's a giveaway for a few gift cards that would be perfect for date night (ahem, valentine's day!), or a night out with your girls!

Jan 19, 2020

Starting the Week with a Grateful Heart

happy monday friends!  i hope you're off to a warm start this week...we got a lovely sheet of ice on the ground here, but we're pressing on!  as usual, i'm linking up with ember grey this morning for grateful heart monday!

i'm a few days into my whole30 journey and feeling pretty good so far, so that's at the top of my grateful list this week.  i need a major reset on my diet, so i'm hoping this will do the trick!

here are a few other things that i'm grateful for:
+ a great workout yesterday (feeling sore today, but it feels so good!)
+ we made really great progress on the wedding plans in january!
+ my dad has been feeling really good these days (praise god!)
+ friends on netflix...i've never watched the whole series start to finish before (even though i own it all on dvd)
+ i'll be second shooting a wedding in march!
+ the launch of our team applications happened last week for the peony project...we have had a great response so far!
+ reading the best yes...so much truth in that book!

what are you grateful for today?

if we haven't connected yet on social media, swing by and say hi on facebook, twitter, instagram, or pinterest!

Jan 12, 2020

Grateful for a Parking Space

when i was in college, i decided to make it a habit to live a life of gratitude and to find small things to say "thanks" to god for.  somewhere halfway through those years, i had read a book called here's to hindsight, in which the author wrote about the small graces that god extends to us.  there was one particular quote in the book in which she offered up the notion that god loves to show us how much he lies us in the little things that he does for us everyday.

so, somewhere in my junior year, i started to offer up little prayers about the little things.  if you read my post about defining dreams back in december, you know that i believe in big, bold prayers.  they honor god, and god honors them.  but i also think that god honors our little prayers too.  and sometimes, the little prayers being answered can be really fun.

one of my favorite little prayers to pray is "jesus, give me a good parking space".  it may seem totally insignificant or silly, but i pray that prayer regularly, and regularly, jesus shows me how much he loves me my granting my little request for good parking.  it's almost ridiculous, to the point where others have taken notice.  a few months ago, aj commented on the fact that i always somehow manage to get a good parking space when we go out (like, front-row-at-target-on-black-friday good). i simply answered "its jesus."  and then, after pulling my jetta into that space, i audibly whispered "thanks jesus!" before hopping out of my car.

it's not just about the parking space (or the cup of coffee, or the stranger holding the door for you on a rainy day, or whatever it is in your life), but about the blessing you see in it.  and about recognizing it as a small way in which god is reminding you of his love for you!  because like any dad likes to see his child happy, god delights in giving us the desires of our hearts, even when they're tiny little things like good parking spaces.

so today, i'm thankful for blessings, both big and small, and a god who loves to bestow them on us!

i'm linking up with emily at ember grey for her grateful heart monday link-up, open all week!

Jan 5, 2020

Grateful this Monday

man, today was rough.  i don't usually dislike mondays, except when monday is the first day back at work after almost two weeks off.  can i get an amen?  i felt like my head was spinning all day trying to keep everything straight.  i'm kind of happy to be getting back into a routine, but i am definitely ready for things to feel normal and manageable again!  anyway, i'm joining in on ember grey's grateful heart monday.

as is especially the case with rough mondays, i think i need to jot down a few things that i'm particularly grateful for today, so here goes:

running (even if the gym was totally packed)
finishing the first day back at work
getting (almost) all cleaned up from christmas
tomorrow is the peony project link-up!
finding a wedding photographer
lint's milk & cookies chocolate bar (and the self control to only eat a square or two each day)
aj got called about a job in boston (answer to prayer!)
a lazy sunday afternoon yesterday to gear up for the week ahead

i hope you'll join in with us and tell us a little bit about what your heart is grateful for this week!  head on over to ember grey and link up with us!

what are you grateful for today?

Dec 29, 2020

Grateful Heart // New Years Edition

long time no see!  i hope you all had a fantastic holiday week.  i took a sort of unintentional blogging hiatus it seems.  i had every intention of blogging through the week, but time just got away from me with work and family stuff!  but to get back in the swing of things, i'm joining in on ember grey's grateful heart monday.

i have so so much to put on my list today!  i'll keep it brief for your sake, but let's just start off with the big one, shall we?

aj and i got engaged last week!  
(yes, i will definitely blog about the proposal, and probably throughout the wedding process!)

and a few other things i'm grateful for today:

a great breakfast with my best friend (and moh!) this morning
wonderful family and friends who have celebrated with us this past week
my brother also got engaged!
a great nyc trip with my family
fun new years plans for wednesday night
a pretty new shirt from anthropologie
another week off from work (sort of)
a really sparkly ring on my finger (that i can't stop looking at)
a cozy faux fur scarf
getting my first eagles shirt from aj's grandmother (though i'm saving it for next year because they are disappointing right now)
having all of my family home and in one place right now!

i hope you'll join in with us and tell us a little bit about what your heart is grateful for this week!  head on over to ember grey and link up with us!

what are you grateful for today?

Dec 23, 2020

Grateful Heart // Christmas Edition

i'm joining in on ember grey's grateful heart monday....well, this week it's grateful heart tuesday...but it works!

with a busy, busy few days (as always...i feel like a broken record for saying that!) my heart has so been needing this...a moment to focus on some of the little (and big) things that i'm grateful for!

getting started with christmas eve services at church tonight!
having aj home for even just a few days so far has been fantastic
christmas is just two days away!
hot cocoa (with marshmallow fluff on top)
pretty lights
having all of my presents purchased and wrapped
mocha punch (it's amazing)
yummy smelling candles
a pretty, decorated christmas tree

i hope you'll join in with us and tell us a little bit about what your heart is grateful for this week!  head on over to ember grey and link up with us!

and while we're at it...would you mind helping us pray the rain away?  it's supposed to be raining all night and all day tomorrow, and our christmas eve services include a number of outdoor elements.  we're praying that this storm takes a turn and is out of here before our services start at 3pm on christmas eve!

what are you grateful for today?

Dec 15, 2020

A Grateful List.

it's grateful heart monday, we're in the midst of the last week of christmas prep here at work (and personally!) and my week is going to be crazy busy, but i get to go to boston and bring my boy home at the end of it, so i'm a happy girl!  and in the midst of the bustle and excitement of this season, i'm taking a moment to stop and choose gratitude!

here are a few things that i'm grateful for today:
being busy in a good way
fun christmas celebrations
aj's coming home for a whole month
exciting things planned for our christmas eve celebrations here at gt
lots of business in my etsy shop & a few extra monetary blessings
cozy sweaters
my puppy got a haircut and he's the cutest. thing. ever.
a late-night breakfast date with my brother
my grandmother is home from the hospital (she was in for pneumonia last week)

what are you grateful for today?

Dec 1, 2020

Thankful for this Weekend

i hope you all had a great weekend and thanksgiving celebration!

i'm off to spend the rest of the day with aj before he heads back to boston this evening (only two and a half more weeks until he's home for christmas!)  but to get this week off to a good start, i'm linking up with ember grey and talking about a few things i'm thankful for!

+ a busy few weeks...i love the holiday season, and all of what's coming up is good busy...ya know?  fun events with work, shopping days, holiday parties, and a trip to boston to get aj in a few weeks!  i love this time of year!

+ feeling super inspired and creative these past few weeks (woohoo!)

+ a good report two weeks ago for dad...the new meds that he started taking in mid october are working!

+ a really fun weekend with my family and aj's family!

+ getting some of my christmas shopping done this weekend...i'm about halfway there!

what are you grateful for today?

(oh, and in case you missed it...stop by last friday's post and enter to win $200 in paypal cash!)

Nov 27, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

our thanksgiving weekend will be busy...thanksgiving with my family today, aj's cousin's wedding tomorrow, and then thanksgiving with aj's family on saturday!  but busy or not, this is one of my absolute favorite holidays!  as you probably could guess, living a life of gratitude is something i really strive to do.

i love thanksgiving because it's the first celebration in the holiday season.  there's this great quote by ann voskamp that goes something like this: "thanksgiving-eucharisteo-always precedes the miracle."  that quote so perfectly frames the holiday season.  we give thanks, and then we prepare for the miracle of christ's birth.  and in a season of spending money and getting and giving more, i, for one, love the idea of starting off this season with a day of giving thanks!

so happy thanksgiving friends!  i hope you're having a fantastic day, and getting to spend lots of time with family and friends!

Nov 24, 2020

A Busy Monday (and a Grateful Heart)

today was a crazy day, to say the least.  from a morning filled with meetings to an afternoon spent writing announcements for our december bulletins, my head felt like it was spinning pretty much all day.

i started to write this blog post as i took a break earlier, and headed over to ember grey to grab the link for her weekly link-up, and got distracted by her post, which then turned into a text conversation about having coffee in nashville together and packing to michael bolton.  and so, i'm just getting around to this post now.

here are a few things that i was particularly grateful for on this busy monday:

+ coffee.  always coffee.

+ shipping out the first two orders for htb handmade!  also, the overwhelming support from all of you!  thank you so much for being excited with me for this new adventure!

+ melissa esplin's i still love calligraphy course.  i'm learning so much!

+ thanksgiving is this week!  favorite.

+ winning a signed copy of let's all be brave.  now what to do with my other copy?

+ a girl's night with my aunt on saturday.  pizza, the holiday, chocolate chip ice cream.  perfect evening.

+ aj comes home tomorrow for the holiday.  then it's just the final few weeks and he'll be home for a month for christmas!

what are you grateful for today?

Nov 17, 2020

Grateful Heart (+ a Giveaway!)

well, it's a rainy gloomy monday here in pa!  it's the kind of day that i wish i could spend in sweats curled up with my favorite blanket, a warm cup of tea, and a good book, ya know?  but since i'm working this morning and taking aj back to the airport this evening, i think it's a good day for a little re-centering of this grateful heart!

it was a crazy weekend, aj was home because our church was releasing it's first worship album (which he engineered and produced), and we had a huge concert last night that he ran sound for.  it was so fun and awesome to see months worth of work come to fruition!

a special shout out goes out to my daddy today!  it's his birthday, so leave a comment and show him some love.  he's the biggest source of inspiration and positivity that i know.  he's been battling cancer for about 18 months now, and just had chemo on thursday, so unfortunately, he's spending his birthday (hopefully on the upswing), home from work and still recovering.  but his strength and faith in the great healer is unmatched....i'm so grateful that he is my dad!

here are a few other things my heart is happy about today:
warm rooibos tea
short monday morning meetings
a great night of worship last night
some extra time with aj
dark red nail polish (i'm addicted)
a cuddly puppy that has now been with us for a year!

and just to sweeten your monday, how about a giveaway?  i've teamed up with some awesome blogging friends to give away a gift certificate to better life bags!  i love businesses that give back or are doing awesome things, and better life bags is one of my favorites.  they employ women living in detroit to create these beautiful bags, giving the women a source of income and a stable work environment.  i love the mission behind this company and whoever wins this giveaway is going to be a lucky duck!
i am swooning over all this gorgeousness! and you know what? you can even design your own better life bag online and pick your own fabrics and everything! how cool is that? 

in order to spread some christmas cheer your way, i have teamed up with some of my sweet blog friends to give one lucky winner a $100 gift certificate to use towards one of these gorgeous bags!! yay! 

all entries will be verified so play fair! and enter to win below! :)

Nov 10, 2020

Today, I'm Grateful for Those Who Serve

let's start our weeks with a grateful heart!  grab a post-it note or notebook or piece of scrap paper and a pen and make a list of a few things you're grateful for right now.  seriously, it'll only take you a few short moments and i promise that it'll change the perspective of your day or your whole week!

here are a few things that i'm grateful for this morning:
aj's coming home tomorrow! 
i taught myself (and you) how to arm knit last week and have a new cozy scarf!
gilmore girls (because maybe i've watch two-and-a-half seasons in the past three weeks)
a really great family
washi tape (it's just so pretty)
she reads truth's hospitality study (did you follow along too?)
pinecones (such lovely decor items!)
new boots that were super super on sale
this crisp fall weather
no school tomorrow!

even more importantly than the things mentioned above, i'm grateful for those who serve our country and protect our freedom.  tomorrow is veteran's day and yesterday we honored vets at church.  we got to hear testimonies from a few wounded warriors and we collected donations to bless some homeless veterans in our city.  each year, our motorcycle ministry delivers some of those backpacks to an organization by way of a big motorcycle ride with around 50 bikes.  and this year, they convinced me to ride with them, which was so much fun!  but the point is, the whole service just made me so much more appreciative and grateful for those who put their lives in danger every day to protect our country.  so today, i'm thankful for veterans and those currently in the armed forces. 

today, i'm linking up with ember grey for grateful heart monday.  if you're a blogger, take that little list you jotted down and turn it into a blog post and join in with us!

and just as an added bonus for your monday, i'd love to have you hang out with me on my sidebar!  from now until thanksgiving, use the code givethanks to get $4 off of any ad package!  i'd love to work with you!

what are you grateful for today?  what's on your list?

Nov 3, 2020

Starting November with a Grateful Heart

november is off to a pretty good start, in my opinion.  a crazy one, but a good one nonetheless.

on thursday, i decided to hop on a plane and head to boston to surprise aj for the weekend.  it had been a rough couple of weeks for both of us (me feeling sick, him going through midterms), and i felt like we just needed a few days together.  he is basically impossible to surprise, so i was extremely proud when he kept saying "i'm just so happy you're here!" all weekend.

but because i decided to go last minute, i flew standby on a buddy pass (yay for having a dad who works for an airline!).  while i'm extremely grateful that i had the opportunity to go for the weekend, it was also just stressful getting home.  i went to the airport yesterday to catch my scheduled 1:30 flight, but because of wind and snow (yes, snow!), flights were delayed and cancelled and i just didn't get on one.  so i got one more night in boston, and then woke up at 3 am to catch a 5:30 flight this morning (which, thankfully, i got the very last seat on!).  and then i drove the hour and a half straight to work and sat in a meeting for three hours.  so good, but crazy!

and because it's grateful heart monday, i'm (of course) linking up with ember grey and talking about a few things i'm grateful for.  besides jesus orchestrating my travel plans and getting me on that flight this morning so i could still make it to work, and besides having  few really good days in boston, here are a few other things that i'm grateful for!

having a really flexible job and bosses who don't mind me making travel plans on a whim
fall and everything about it
a few colder weather days (though i'm sure in two months i will not be grateful for these!)
french toast casserole
dark red nail polish (i'm addicted to this color this season)
coffee...so much coffee today
big milestones being met with a project at church
looking forward to meeting with the peony project core team tonight to cast some vision for this community!

i hope you'll stop by tomorrow...we're kicking off the first ever peony project monthly link-up!  november's prompt is:  community.  we'd love to have you join in with us...write a post, take a photo, or do whatever it is that represents and explains what community looks like and means to you!  you'll be able to link up right here tomorrow!  and if you're not a member of the peony project yet, what are you waiting for?  click here to read more and join us!

what are you grateful for today?
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