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May 22, 2020

If We Got Together for Coffee...

…i'd want to drink mine out of a mug.  because it tastes better that way.

…unless it was warm out.  if it was warm out, i'd order an iced shaken passion tea.  or maybe an iced caramel macchiato.  (i'm assuming we'd meet at starbucks)

…i'd probably ask you what you've got on the agenda for summer.

…i'd want to take you for a spin in june!

…i'd ask you what your favorite ice cream flavor is, because it's warm out and i love ice cream!

…i'd tell you that i'm feeling very tired this week, after all the goings on with my family the past few weeks and now a bunch of sinus congestion that's just wearing me out.

…i'd ask what your favorite vacation spot is, and then daydream about it with you (as long as it includes warmth and sun.  if you want to vacation in, say, siberia, well then, you're on your own pal.)

…i'd tell you that i've been searching for a great summer purse, and i'm smitten with this one.

…i'd also tell you that i've wanted a longchamp tote for like, the past decade (not an exaggeration), and that i've been seriously considering investing.

…i'd probably ask you if you want to go shopping, because my summer wardrobe is just sad and i've had the hardest time finding things i love this year.

…i'd tell you that i'm linking up with a harvest of blessing!

what would you like to chat about over coffee?


  1. Bonnie StoltzfoosMay 28, 2020 at 3:51 PM

    Hi Betsy! I'm a new reader -- I found your blog through Natalie at a tiny traveler. Just wanted to say I think these "coffee talk" posts are so sweet. I'll definitely be following along here more often. :) -- www.strongandsweet.blogspot.com

  2. hey betsy, found you via jack of all trades. :) summer coffee date sounds marvelous...definitely would go for a cold drink in this heat. on our agenda this summer? moving countries. and everything that goes with it. and actually our summer is just getting over - hot season in cambodia is march - may. and with a high of 122, i'm ready for some cooler weather! :)

  3. Hi Betsy...love your blog name! lol I found you through Harvest of Blessing as well. Hmm because it's warm I'd go for either a mocha frap or a very berry hibiscus ice tea. Starbucks actually has this delish raspberry pound cake that is so good!

    So over coffee
    ...we'd talk about the cute house in Ohio that I would love to buy but can't (I live in NYC)
    ...about planning blog posts
    ...what we're reading this summer
    ...the best pins on Pinterest
    ...my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico that I actually get to spend my birthday away from the States
    ...the importance of living simply...if only my wallet would believe that too lol

  4. Hi Betsy
    great post.
    First of all I'd order tea... but I know American's aren't as big on tea as we are here, so maybe just an iced tea?
    What would we talk about?
    My upcoming trip the USA- I'm off to stay with my best friend in KY and we're road tripping to NC. But I'd probably dream about more holidays too. Because I have the travel bug.
    I'd ask what you'd do to relax, since you're tired.
    I'd also tell you I'm not a huge fan of shopping but I'm happy to browse things you love.

    and tell you my favourite ice cream is mint choc chip or white chocolate honeycomb. what's yours?

    Laura xx
    p.s. I found you through the jack of all trades blog hop x

  5. Thanks so much Olivia! I just had a very berry hibiscus refresher last week…it was yummy! What are you reading this summer? I have a huge stack of books that I need to get around to reading in the next few months!
    So cool that you're going to Puerto Rico!

  6. hey!! wow…122?!? that's craziness! i don't blame you for wanting cooler weather! where are you headed next?

  7. Hey! I love Nat…she's dating my brother actually and her blog is so cute! welcome to heavens to betsy! glad you stopped by! :)

  8. I'm reading Knowing God by A.W. Tozer right now. I want to read You Are Love by Sally Clarkson, The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith, Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers and Believing God by Beth More. I'm actually going to be doing my first give away with these books so check out my blog next week if you'd like a chance to read one. But when it comes to books, I'm never out of books that I have to read!

    Thanks, I'm really looking forward to spending my bday on the beach :)

  9. I love this! If we went out for coffee I would . . .
    * probably go with a hot chocolate because that's always my go-to, no matter how warm it is outside. :)
    * share how I want to have deeper relationships and conversations with my friends but have trouble forming the words and actually talking to them about deep stuff, maybe I would experiment on you and ask you where you see yourself or want to be in five years or I'd ask if there are any dreams that God has been putting in your heart lately.
    <3 Thanks for coffee!

  10. back home to kansas city - which is also known for hot muggy summers, but it can't compare to cambodia. :)

  11. love this "coffee date" idea! i think i'm going to do something similar on my blog. (giving you total credit of course) :-) fave ice cream flava: chocolate chip cookie dough! favorite vacation spot: anywhere with my friends. and as far as the longchamp bag goes, one of the patients that came into our office had a GREAT one and she swore by it up and down. i think they last forever and ever. she said it had taken a tumble during a stroller ride and she just picked it up, dusted it off, and went on her merry way. investment for sure but worth it! good coffee date. thank you. :-)

  12. This was a fun post to read. Thank you for sharing. Stopping by from Jack of all trades (Holland's Journeys)

  13. girl…steal away! i'm sure i'm not the first blogger to write a coffee date post, so i can't say the idea was dreamed up by me first! haha…but anyway….love cookie dough ice cream…yummmmm! and vacationing with friends…yes! i just got back from a wedding with a bunch of my closest college friends and it was. the. best. ever. also, still dreaming about that longchamp bag…maybe someday! i did decided to invest in a leather cross body from fossil instead for the summer, and i'm happy for now with my choice! but a long champ will be mine someday! :)

  14. hot chocolate is fantastic any time of year (ever had a frozen one?…life. change.)
    deeper relationships….girl…amen! i am so with you there….i feel like i'm in this very transitional season (does that ever end?!), where all of my friends are getting married and even starting families, and our lives and friendships are changing once again. it's soooo good, but makes finding those times to just sit and connect few and far between.
    jesus is definitely placing some big dreams on my heart right now…i'm circling them in prayer this summer and seeing where they lead!
    loved our coffee date! ;)

  15. Hey Laura! So glad you stopped by! For the record, I'm a tea girl…my grandmother is a big tea drinker and taught me well :)
    Awesome that you're visiting the US! Hope you have soooo much fun with your BFF!
    I would love nothing more than a week on the beach with a good book, some great music, healthy food, and exercise. This summer has gotten off to a rough start with my grandmother & my boyfriend'd grandfather being hospitalized, and the past month has been a blur of quick, not-always-healthly meals, not having enough time to go on really great long runs, and no getting started on some of the books i'd like to read this summer…so yeah, the beach would be great.

    I've never heard of white chocolate honeycomb ice cream but that sound delish! mint chocolate chip is definitely on my top 3! :)

  16. Those are all fantastic authors! I will definitely stop by this week! And I'm super jealous of your beach trip! I'm soooo ready for the sun & sand! :)

  17. ah yes, one of my dear friends from college is from Kansas City! I'm sure it's not as tropical as Cambodia! ;)

  18. Thanks Betsy, that would be great!


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