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May 19, 2020

The Best Way to Start the Week

let me tell you what's not the best way to start the week:  waking up at 4:30am to your almost-8-month-old goldendoodle howling at his reflection in your back door.  ugh.  ollie, you're adorable and i love you, but i absolutely hate your tendency to bark at night.

however, what is the best way to start the week is with a grateful heart!  so, without further adieu….

here's what i'm particularly grateful about today:

a much-needed run yesterday
a new coffee cup from starbucks this morning
catching creamer on sale at the grocery store (2 for $3, baby!)
family support systems
some new clothes
my brand-new (to me) baby, june the jetta! (more on that later)
being productive
my mom's baked oatmeal

as usual, i'm linking up with ember grey for grateful heart monday! emily runs the grateful heart link-up every monday, and it's open all week…i encourage you to go check it out, read some of the other posts, and consider participating!

i'm also sharing a tutorial on making your own soy candles over at lovely does it today…so check that out!

and just as an added bonus for your monday….i'm offering all readers 60% off of any ad space/package with the code "springhassprung".

what are you grateful for today?


  1. Oh dogs... Our puppy wakes up and does annoying things like that sometimes too haha!

  2. Oooh a new coffee cup from Starbucks!? They have my favorites for sure!
    Thanks for posting your tutorial today on Lovely Does It!

  3. I'm feeling grateful that my dogs don't bark at night, now. That must be so irritating! Ours sleep through the night.

  4. ha…yes, it is! we live in the woods and sometimes he barks at every little noise he hears! trying to break him of that habit...

  5. mmm yes…coffee cups are a pretty serious addiction for me. haha…my favorite place to pick them up is definitely anthropologie, but starbucks has a few cute ones this season! and i love starbs' city editions…i totally want to start collecting them!

  6. i'm so hoping he outgrows it eventually! i had to put him in "time out" this morning…after that, he settled down, and i even heard him go to the door, start to bark a little and then stop and lay down….there is hope!!

  7. What do you do to put him in timeout? When Howie is being naughty, he knows it and it's hard to get him to come to us, let alone put him in timeout to chill.

  8. We have a small powder room where we put him alone for about 30s-1min. Sometimes that means guiding him or even carrying him there, but it works. We watched this training video when he was a little puppy and this guy was working on getting his dog to not chase his small daughters around the kitchen. Every time the dog chased, he would put it outside for about 30 seconds, then let it in, and he just kept repeating that same pattern until the dog stopped chasing the girl. For Ollie, it sometimes takes putting him in time out a few times within a few minutes, but it was how we broke him from biting and even begging at the table!

  9. We've kind of done that with Howie before but stopped recently. We have a little closet that we lock him in and he hates it. We need to be better about it I think! I started using his kennel because he hates being in there anyway, so I figured it could be a timeout for him and he'd be ok.

  10. Yeah, I think consistency is the key with time out. Ollie used to scratch at the door to the powder room when we'd put him in there, but now he just sits quietly and waits until we let him out. It still modifies the behavior, but he doesn't seem to really mind it as much.

  11. We'll have to work on that! Thanks for the info!

  12. haha!! I think Ollie sounds like a great guard dog though! ;) (Do you have a collection of coffee cups too? I'm running out of room for all of mine...) So excited to hear more about your car!!!!! So fun! Alright... I'm off to check out your candle recipe! ;) XO

  13. Congrats on June...can't wait to hear more about it! As for the coffee cups...glad I'm not the only one that gets excited over a new addition to their collection!

  14. stopping by from the link up! How awesome are goldendoodles?! I have two - and couldn't be more grateful for them!

  15. They are wonderful! Ollie is the cutest…he just got his first haircut and I'm not sure how, but he got even cuter! :)

  16. Thanks Anne! Oh my gosh, I loooove getting new mugs. Haha..I have wayyyy too many!

  17. Totally going to creep on pictures of him now

  18. Haha he is a good guard dog, especially against squirrels, birds, and his reflection :)
    And yes, my mug collection is starting to take over more of our kitchen cabinet than it's really allowed to. :)


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