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May 20, 2020

Meet June the Jetta!

well friends, here's an announcement i'm terribly excited to make…i bought a car!

my brother had an unfortunate accident in my car last june and i've been without one ever since. not a big deal since i live and home and my mom & i work at the same place, but still kind of a bummer.  for the first time in my 8 years of being a licensed driver, i didn't have a car!  

i decided a few months ago that it was high time that i get myself some wheels, but i didn't just want any car.  i wanted one that was going to last me a while, that would be a good car for aj & i to have once we get married/move/become adults, ya know.  and i've always loved vw's, and always have had my eye on a jetta!  so i found this little girl down in west chester and my uncle, dad, and i went last tuesday and i drove her home!

i'm absolutely loving her…she's pretty much everything i wanted and we're pretty perfect for each other…see?  don't i look like a jetta girl?

and of course, she couldn't leave the dealership without a name, so june the jetta it was!

do you name your cars?  


  1. Adorable car! I've named all of mine -- Lil' Blue the Ranger, 'Stang (a Mustang), Stitch (my blue Fusion that held up extremely well in a four car fender bender), and currently have Chip Xterra, which a friend came up with because the headlight area reminded her of chipmunk cheeks :)

  2. Woo hoo for new cars and I love the name!! :)

  3. Yay for naming cars! Chip is adorable…do you also then talk to your car? I definitely talk to June. haha

  4. Thanks! I think it started for me with my aunt…she's always named her cars and I thought it was funny, but also really fun!

  5. Love the name! Congrats on your car!


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