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Apr 9, 2020

April Golden Vlog

I seriously don't even know how we got to April already!  Time is flying by and it's time for another round of the Golden Vlog with Faith over at Life with Mrs. G and the Artist!

Faith's questions this month are all about beauty.  Man, I get super uncomfortable when talking about myself and this subject!  I suspect we all do, though, right?  It's just an unnatural thing for me...having to choose features or things about myself that I love.  I'm not an insecure person, but I also don't love talking about myself.  Which I guess is weird since I'm a blogger and often write about myself.

April Golden Vlog from Betsy Gettis on Vimeo.

Want to join in on this month's Golden Vlog?  Hop on over to Life with Mrs. G and the Artist to learn more!


  1. I have barely any eyelashes on the bottom. and my top are short too. LAME. & try the red ELF lip pencil. its jumbo so it is easy to trace your lips! It is the best red I own.

  2. I feel the same way about lipstick...but I also HATE the texture/feel/taste of it! Blech!

  3. My good hair days are few and far between so absolutely those days make me feel beautiful! :) I love confident people! I think you are totally gentle..I have always thought that ever since I met you. Funny people are the best!! LG is one of the funniest people I know and that's one of the reason I love him..he makes life so much better! Loved this! Glad you linked up.

  4. I was in a Bible study in college and one of the topics we discussed was true gentleness. Ever since, it's been something that is so intriguing to me. It's definitely something that I strive toward now!


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