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Apr 27, 2020

Starting this Week with a Grateful Heart

It feels like forever since I've been in my normal blogging routine.  April has been the craziest of months, but I'm happy to report that I think we're out of the woods and life is getting back to some semblance of normal.  I spent the past week in Boston with AJ, and we had a week of absolutely no agenda, wandering around the city and just enjoying one another's company.  It could have been a little bit warmer for my taste, but at least there was no snow to be found anywhere!

It's also been forever since I linked up with Emily for Grateful Heart Monday, but I'm so ready to be back into the swing of things and linking up is just the thing my heart needs!  So here are a few things I'm particularly grateful for lately:

+ Obviously, a week spent with my love!
+ Good news for mom...we had a bit of a scare at the beginning of the week with some iffy scan results, but it turns out that everything is ok!
+ Spring is here!  Another week or two and we'll have leaves on trees here (and I can't wait!)
+ I'm getting married four months from tomorrow....eeek!
+ Ice cream.  I'm supposed to be getting in shape for the aforementioned wedding, but I maybe ate a lot of ice cream this week and I'm not sorry.
+ My puppy.  After a week away, I'm almost in tears over how cute this dog is.  He makes my heart happy!
+ A wonderful support system through our church
+ A great family to be marrying into



  1. Iffy scan results are horrible! They get you so worked up. Glad everything is a-okay! :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. Hey Betsy!!
    So glad I found Ember Grey from your Twitter! I am your linky neighbor...

    Puppies, ice cream, a wedding, and spring - all great things to be thankful for! But especially the news of your mama!

    Sending showers of love and blessings to you - Hope to be back on your sidebar soon {preparing to release my first book in August} Yay!


  3. So exciting that your getting married in as little as 4 months! Also who DOESN'T love ice cream, I don't blame you for indulging, you gotta do what you gotta do! ... I think I need to eat ice cream every few days.. its almost sad!

  4. I’m grateful for the good news on your mom as well! And only
    four months…the countdown is on! So exciting!!!

  5. so happy to hear about your mom- i have been praying for you all! enjoy this time before youe wedding- hope it goes well! love your lists and your super heroes party- by the way- was AMAZING!!!

  6. oh my gosh, Bets. You know I am also trying to watch what I eat because my brother's wedding is coming up and wouldn't you know it, all I can think about is mexican food and froyo. haha! I can't believe your big day is only 4 months away!!!!!!!!! I'm sooo excited for you guys!!

  7. All of those things are so exciting! Your mom is okay?!!? Praise God! And one should never regret ice cream. :) so excited for your big day coming so soon!

  8. My engagement period was only 4.5 months...from mid-March to the beginning of August. But, since it was summer, and neither of us were taking college courses, it seemed SOOOOOOO long!


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