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Apr 3, 2020

Bridal Shower Games // Chevron Designs

if you've been following along on heavens to betsy in the past few months, you may know that creating bridal shower games has become a little bit of a hobby for me!   when i was planning my best friend's bridal shower last november, i designed a few bridal shower games that we used during the time that jen was opening her gifts.  since then, i've customized some of my designs for quite a few people and have realized that i definitely need to open an etsy shop, but just don't have the time to dive into that right now.  selling them through email & paypal is working for the time being!

i've always loved chevrons and have been wanting to design some of these games with a chevron theme.  i also have been wanting to use one of my all-time favorite color pairings:  yellow and gray!  so here are a few new bridal shower game designs!

for customization options and to see more of my designs, check out my design page!

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