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Apr 14, 2020

This Week on the Blog...

as i'm sure you're all very well aware, next sunday is easter…that means that things are cr-azy at work! (i work on the creative team at my church)

i spent today in meetings and then creating words made out of moss on wooden signs.  super fun, but also super time consuming.

i just wanted to give you all a quick update on some goings on this week:

i'm blogging all week for work (check out the posts here) and writing about what jesus was up to during the week leading up to easter…i'm pretty excited about these posts, so follow along if you can!

an exciting partnership + giveaway with raellacraft starts tomorrow, so don't miss that!

due to my recent working out commitments, i'll be featuring my favorite fitness apps on wednesday

on thursday, i'll be driving to boston and back (to pick up aj) and i'll also be featuring sew what scarves right here on the blog (stay tuned for a promo code to use at the shop!)

enjoy the beginning of your week friends!

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