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Apr 25, 2020

Things I'm Really Bad At.

i found this journal prompt a few days ago and thought it would make a fun blog post.  it's pretty easy to talk about the things you're good at or know a lot about, but what about things you're really bad at?  i mean, like, comically bad at.

for me, it's drawing.  like, i'm terrible.  when i was student teaching, my supervisor came to observe a math lesson once and gave me the criticism that the roses i drew for my third graders to demonstrate solving a word problem didn't really look like flowers.

and then, i was recently substitute teaching in a preschool classroom and had to draw something for one of my students, and i immediately got nervous.  because you know kids, they don't sugar coat what they think.  and this kid didn't.  when i handed the drawing over and acknowledged it's poor quality, my four-year-old student looked at it, and then up at me and said "yeah, you're not a good draw-er."  i know kid, i know.

fortunately, there are things i'm much better at than drawing.  and if nothing else, i figure my lack of skill in this particular area can lead to some fun stories to tell, however embarrassing.

so what's something that you are really bad at?

1 comment:

  1. Haha, oh girl don't even worry. I'm typically a good drawer, but sometimes I really mess up and my second graders laugh at me (in a lovingly way). I'm really bad at cleaning. My husband would agree. ;)


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