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Sep 9, 2020

Simple Steps to Running Your First 5k

I'm so happy to welcome Kayty of Simply Sheard to the blog today!  Kayty and her husband, Josh, are here to share some tips to get you moving if you have a goal of running your first 5k!  I love their simple, straightforward, and easy-to-follow recipes and DIYs on their own blog, so I'm excited to have them here today to share some tips on one of my favorite ways to stay active!  Welcome Kayty and Josh!

Hello lovely Heavens to Betsy readers. My name is Kayty Sheard, blogger and all things feminine behind the blog Simply Sheard. My husband Josh and I have been married two years this month {any other August 10th anniversaries out there?}. We live in a small town in rural Wisconsin with a goal to live a simple lifestyle. We adore hiking, our rescue pup, our cozy little apartment and finding the best burger and pizza places. We blog at Simply Sheard to share our own adventure with others in a way that inspires individuals everywhere to see the beauty in simplicity and encourages them they too can live simply.

Our own running journey started back in 2011 a few months before we started dating. We started very slow. Then as our bodies and minds started to adjust to running we realized we wanted participate in an organized race. We didn't achieve that goal until 3 years later, but it was the most wonderful and exhilarating run we have every ran. Worth every early morning, every cold cool down shower, and every step we took.

Today we want to share with you the most simple tips you can take to start your personal journey to your very first 5K run.

1 | Own the right equipment // Most importantly, your running shoes. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and durable. Over the years we've learned that not one shoe brand is right for everyone. Find what works for you as an individual runner. If you can when purchasing your shoes, go to a place that will let you take a quick jog around the building or the store. A quarter-mile run in a pair of shoes can tell you a lot about how they will be for your 3.1 miles on race day.

2 | Fuel your body // It kind of goes without saying, but a body well fueled will be a body well fueled for success. This not only pertains to race day but each and every day leading up to the starting line. Eat right, eat clean, drink plenty of water and don't give up if you lose track for a day, a weekend, or a week.

3 | Start small // I've seen it happen hundreds of times, and I've experienced it myself. If you start too quick too fast, you might become a victim of shin splints. If you've never really run before, or don't run more than a mile at a time start small. We've found it helpful to increase your length by one quarter-mile per week as you feel comfortable. Once we reach a mile mark (1 mile, 2 miles, and 3 miles) we stay at that mile for an additional week to let our bodies adjust.

4 | Rest // Don't forget to rest. Just like your body needs sleep for its normal body functions, your body needs rest from running to rebuild. We usually run 3 or 4 days of the week and the other days are muscle building or pure rest days.

5 | Just start // I've experienced it myself, not only with running, but with other things in life, like brushing my teeth twice a day, or reading for 30 minutes daily. We tell ourselves we will start tomorrow, or next week, or after _____ happens. The key to your success is to just start. Don't wait for the perfect time or opportunity. Make it happen.

We could share with you plenty more tips, but these are the most basic and simple tips you need to get started on the adventure to your first 5K. If you have other tips you'd love to share with other readers, please share them below in the comments.

A huge thanks to Betsy for letting us come hang out for the day!

the Sheards

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