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Oct 26, 2020

Home Decor // Adding Some Charm with Vintage Pieces

I'm so happy to welcome Chris from Framestr to the blog today!  Chris reached out to me a little while ago because he noticed my love of all things vintage and offered to take over Heavens to Betsy for a day to talk about adding some charm to your space with vintage pieces!  I love finding cool old treasures and adding that character to our living space.  Whether it be an old crate or a vintage camera, each piece is unique and brings a lot of history into your room.  Enjoy these tips and vendor spotlights from Chris!

A space needs character, adding a touch of vintage will elevate your home and make it one-of-a-kind. Whether you add a few charming knick-knacks, vintage furniture or decorations, the little extra style will make your space stand out.

Vintage can really be anything. It can be a piece your great grandmother has passed down from generation to generation, a reclaimed piece you stumbled across, or even new pieces that provide a modern twist to a vintage era. 

For beginners, it’s best to start small. You can add a vintage flair by displaying small pieces as accents in a room. Consider things you’re interested in, perhaps you have a passion for photography and would like to display some old photos or antique cameras.

One of my favourites is a local vendor from Toronto, Goodfolk Vintage. This unique shop offers a variety of pieces including: vintage posters, hand crafted art objects, tapestries and woodcarvings.  Toronto couple Emilie and Matt started Goodfolk and both have a background in art and design. They travelled the world, rummaged and collected cool things and have now opened a shop to sell all their special items.

One of my favourites is the Cotton Applique Wall Tapestry of Animals, $127.32.

Rustic Metal Oval Planer, $33.35 at Goodfolk Vintage 

In addition to antique pieces, reclaimed items are a great way to mix in a bit of vintage with modern. Everything created by Andrew’s Reclaimed is handmade from start to finish in their Washington workshop, hand-picking each piece and working to a great presentable finish for a gift that will be useful, as well as unique. Each piece is built using wood sourced from dismantling ages-old fences, barns and other structures ready for demolition.

Jewelry - necklace and ring organizer, $33.00 at Andrew’s Reclaimed  

Lastly, one of my favourite off-the-wall alternatives to traditional vintage options is a boutique Montreal shop, Cadeauté. Those who love bold, colourful designs, graphic lines and geometric shapes will fall in love with Barbara’s designs. Cadeaute’s Shop features retro reimagined objects and hand painted furniture. A colourful refurnished piece of furniture can really add vibrancy to a room.

Looking for a night stand? Evelyn’s design is late 60’s inspired, with its complex three-dimensional geometric patterns. The piece can be found here, prices start at $394.56.

Every style is unique and not one is correct. Feel free to share some of your favourite vintage pieces with our readers. Re-using old pieces not only adds a touch of boldness and flavor to the home, it is environmentally friendly and integrates culture from a different era.

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