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May 3, 2020

Blackberry Punch

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BlackberryAffair #CollectiveBias

I first discovered Canada Dry® Blackberry Ginger Ale last spring and instantly fell in love. Ginger Ale easily tops the list of favorite bubbly drinks for me, and adding in that subtle blackberry flavor makes it even better.  

One of my favorite things to do when the weather gets warmer is to eat outdoors and have friends and family over to enjoy the weather and some grilled food! These types of gatherings tend to just pop up in my family...someone will decide in the afternoon to have everyone over for dinner, so it’s great to have a quick go-to beverage recipe up my sleeve to whip up at a moment’s notice.  

I love making these little casual gatherings a little bit fancier just by serving something special and unique, so this Blackberry Punch is perfect (and impressive) for whipping up at any time, but it’s also a great addition to any bridal shower, birthday party, or even an impromptu girls’ day! In fact, my mom and I also served this punch at my brother and sister-in-law’s rehearsal dinner last year and it was a huge hit!  

+ Canada Dry® Blackberry Ginger Ale (12-pack or 2 liter)
+ Fresh blackberries
+ Cranberry-Lime seltzer
+ Fresh or frozen cranberries
+ Raspberry sherbet
+ Rosemary sprigs

To make this easy punch, simply combine the Canada Dry® Blackberry Ginger Ale (one can will make one 16-oz glass, or you could combine the entire 2 liter bottle with other ingredients in a punch bowl), 1/3c seltzer, and a generous scoop (one per glass) of the raspberry sherbet.  Be careful...the sherbet will cause the soda to foam and may overflow the glass, so add it slowly!  Top with a few blackberries and cranberries and a sprig or two of rosemary, and Voila!  You have a beautiful, unique drink that’s sure to wow your guests!

Doesn’t it look delicious?

I easily found Canada Dry® Blackberry Ginger Ale at my local Giant Food Store! It’s available in both a 12-pack of cans and 2 liter bottles, both perfect for making this delicious Blackberry Punch!  Made with real ginger, Canada Dry® Blackberry Ginger Ale is only available for a limited time between March-May 2016, so grab it and bring feel-good refreshment to your next gathering before it’s gone!


Jul 25, 2020

Managing Blog Sponsorships with Passionfruit

if you're a seasoned blogger who offers ad spaces on their blog, chances are you've either heard of, or are already using, passionfruit ads.  but if you're just dipping your toes into the waters of blog sponsorships, then passionfruit is about to become your best friend.

when i first started offering ad spaces on my blog, i just threw my email address out there and bloggers would email me, we'd send each other jpg buttons and a link, and i'd have a million little photo widgets on my sidebar.  there was no real method to the madness...every once in a while, i'd look around to see who still had my button up.  if someone didn't, then i probably took theirs off of my blog, because, well, we agreed to swap and they weren't holding up their end of the bargain anymore.

then, a blogger wrote a post about why she switched to passionfruit.  at first, i just thought "i don't have time to learn another blogging thing and this whole swapping thing isn't really a big deal to me anyway," so it took a while for me to check it out.  but once i did, i was totally sold.

passionfruit takes the work out of running sponsorships on your blog.

its as simple as setting up what size banner you want people to submit and then dropping some code into your advertising page and a different code where you want the banner to show up.  passionfruit automatically posts and takes down ads as they go live and expire; you can set it to rotate ads with each page reload; you can create free sponsorships or price them to whatever you want; and you can offer promo codes to your readers!

at one time, passionfruit took a fee for every ad you sold, but now you pay a monthly or yearly membership and the only fees you pay per ad are paypal's.

if you're thinking "i really don't want to pay to sell ads on my blog!" i get it.  once passionfruit went to a paid subscription last fall, i debated long and hard about whether to keep using their service.  (because i was using them before they went to a paid subscription, i was able to lock-into a rate of $50/year, but the monthly and yearly plans that are currently offered on their website start as low as $3/month!) finally, i decided to invest for a year and if it didn't pay itself off, then i'd find something else to use.
but friends, it's paid off.  it's paid off and then also allowed me to invest in advertising on blogs that are bigger than me, sponsor giveaways, and even take a few trips to visit that boy i love in boston.

passionfruit has made running ad spaces on my blog a total breeze and has allowed me to better focus on this space, rather than worrying about what ads i should have on my sidebar and for how long.

a few more things i love about passionfruit:
// it's not just for sidebar ads...you can sell guest posts, blog services, even memberships
// there's a marketplace that lists blogs that sell ads with passionfruit...great for discovering new blogs!
// the user interface is easy to navigate, and has a great look
// you can see stats on every ad, like views and clicks
// you get an email when someone purchases an ad and when an ad you've purchased is approved
// jason, the founder, works hard, responds quickly, and is always ready to help when you need him!

did you know?  if you're running a promo on ad spaces, you can tweet a link to your ad shop and the promo code at @passionfruitluv and they'll retweet it to you!  be sure to follow this account to get tips on who is having sales.

*if you're looking to advertise on heavens to betsy, book any ad by the end of july and get 50% off with the code "fiveyears"!

Jan 16, 2020

Sponsor Spotlight & Link-Up // Ashley

i'm super excited to introduce you to ashley of the grits blog today!  she is sweet as can be, and she's here to tell you a little bit about herself and her blog, and cohost the "little friday linkup"!  so meet ashley and linkup with us today!

Hello There,

My name is Ashley - I started and write The Grits Blog - with an occasional guest post. To be honest - I suck at writing these "about" posts. It just feels awkward. So if it's cool with you - I am just going to answer a few common questions that I get often. If there is still more that you want to know, then hit me up via social media or email!

(1) How did you meet your husband?

Chris and I have known each other since we were small kids. Growing up our parents had beach cabins next door to each other, so we would always be outside playing with all the kids from the street. When we were 15/16 we finally noticed each other as more than just the guy/girl next door...shocker at that age - I know... and it was all down hill from there! We were together on and off all through high school and college. After college I got an amazing job offer in Atlanta and since Chris had not proposed I decided to take the job opportunity. Then three months later, he drove up from Florida and proposed - and now here we are!

(2) Why did you start The Grits Blog?
I LOVE READING BLOGS - so much so that it's probably become a bit of a problem. I also like to talk about makeup, food, and hair - and I think everyone around got me sick of talking about it all the time. So I created my outlet - The Grits Blog! I get asked a lot - do I ever run out of stuff to write? The answer is no - because it's like this, have I tried every product at Ulta or eaten every recipe? NOPE - so no worries, I have ton to say and plan on keeping this blog around for a good, long while. 

(3) Where did you go to school?
F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E, Florida what! Florida State! Florida State! Florida State! Wooo! I am a die hard FSU fan and going to school there was the most challenging, but the best experience of my life. 

(4) How many pets do you have?
I have three precious lambs. Romeo, Leo, and Roxy. Romeo is french bulldog and lives up to his name - he is such a a FLIRT. Leo is a chihuahua and is my little buddy. He's my little shadow and goes EVERY where with me. Roxy is a pitbull mix and is Chris's dog - but in her heart we both know who she loves the most (me). They are my sweeties and I love them so much! They are my furry children. 

    The Grits Blog (Follow here!)                         Heavens To Betsy (Follow here!)

Rules are there are no rules! 

Please link-up to whatever you like! 

All that we ask is, if you wish, please follow us via the links above and that you link back to this blog - so that other's can join in and mingle! 

Happy Little Friday Everyone!

The Grits Blog

Dec 9, 2020

Sponsor Spotlight // Jess

I'm so excited to introduce you to one of my sponsors, Jess of Jess Vartanian Illustration + Design!  Jess runs an etsy shop featuring her own illustrations and designs, which are beautiful!  She also creates map prints and ornaments as well as jewelry with her illustrations.

I got the chance to ask Jess some questions about her illustrating.

When did you first start illustrating?  
I first started illustrating in college when I was majoring in Biology and using my art as a relaxing class. As college progressed I dove further and further into drawing and my love for art continued to progressinto today.

What made you decide to open an etsy store?  
I opened my etsy store about a year and a half after college when my now fiance finally convinced me to sell some of my illustrations and art.

What inspires you?  
Nature & using our zoo membership always inspires me and pushes me to create more.
You sell a few different types of products on your store (illustrations, map ornaments, bracelets, etc.).  What is your favorite to make?  
My favorite to make by far is my illustrations! I love drawing, but also love creating new items by hand!

Here are some of my favorite pieces in Jess' shop:

Check out her shop today!  She has some great gift ideas and holiday cards available!

Oct 14, 2020

October Special!

This month, don't miss out on 20% off of all ad spaces using the code "PumpkinSpice"!  
Check out my advertising page for all ad options!  

I'd love to have you on board!

Feb 11, 2020

February Sponsors

Today I'd like to highlight some of my wonderful sponsors this month!

I've spent the entire weekend in bed sick with the flu, and today I finally feel up to working on some stuff.  I've been writing lesson plans and thought I'd get this post put together as well!

This month, I asked my sponsors to answer the following question:  What would your idea of a perfect date be?

I have to say April 25th. It's not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket! (I couldn't resist!). But in all seriousness, I would say that the prefect date would be a mountain weekend getaway! camping in the summer or a warm cabin in the winter. Yes, please. 
My perfect date would be just spending time with the guy I love . . . preferably on a beach whilst barefoot, provided the water's not too cold. Haha, I'm not very picky, though; anywhere with him would be lovely!
My perfect date would be dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant and then a walk downtown and ice cream for dessert. I have two daughters, so I'm easily impressed when it comes to grown up activities.
My perfect date would have to be just getting to spend the time with my husband, having him focus completely on what we were doing.  He gets distracted easily!  Our first date was lunch, hanging out, mini golf, dinner then movie and it was an amazing just hang out all day and relaxing with each other.  I would love to have a date like that again, some sort of activity, bowling, boccie ball, mini golf, anything fun and easy going. Then after that to a nicer dinner ... which is magically paid for by someone else of course.  
Through the years, I've become less and less romantic in the typical sense of the word. Just being together, uninterrupted (my work, phone) is perfect enough for me. A picnic would be nice, even if it means just sitting in the car while parked at our favorite spot having dinner (since it's been consistently below zero here).
My perfect date would be spent with my husband walking around the downtown area of our city, walking to little shops and getting treats at the bakery. We'd go to a fun hole-in-the-wall restaurant or pub and spend hours eating and talking. Then, we'd go home and spread out a blanket in our living room and watch silly cartoons with glasses of wine. 
I had to think about this for a long time and really didn't know. You see I have been in a long distance relationship for about 25/32 months of dating. We closed the distance last October and have had 2 dates since then. I used to think a perfect date was the same dish (him-lunch & me-dinner), the same dessert and rootbeer with a new movie we both watch on Youtube at the same time. That was the perfect date. Now we are actually learning what real dating should be like but I think the perfect date now is....being together...FOR REAL! 

Also check out Iris' Valentine series and Giveaway here!
The perfect date would be dinner at Chipotle (pronounced like "Chip-pot-l") and a night out salsa dancing... So I can burn off the humongous burrito bowl I just ate ;)
Anything that involves the great outdoors and quality time with my dear boyfriend is an absolutely delightful date. However my heart throbs for long walks with no agenda or route just honest conversation and meeting one another where we are at while exploring the little corner of the world we are a part of. An added dose of laughter especially does the trick. 

Nov 13, 2020


hey friends! 

today, i'm highlighting all of my wonderful november sponsors! 
i asked them all to answer the following three questions:
>what's your blog all about?
>>what's your favorite fall beverage?
>>>what is something you're thankful for?

check them out! and if you want to sponsor htb, click on the sponsor tab above and sign up!

>Love is... is truly a lifestyle blog. I talk about a little bit of everything, be it DIY, crafts, family, books, makeup, music. It runs the gamut!
>>Lately, I've been loving the pumpkin spiced chai from Caribou.
>>>My husband.

>My blog is all about the things I love! Decorating, art and poetry, and my family and friends!
>>My favorite fall beverage is a Pumpkin Spice Latte or a Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks.
>>>I am very thankful for my brother.  He recently joined the Army and this made me realize how much I miss him and care about him. He's one of my best friends.

>Welcome to Swede Dreams~life and style inspirations from a Swedish southern gal who can't live without chocolate, country music or the beach. Antiquing, junking, painting, photography and writing are a few of my artistic passions. My full time job is that of mom to three teenagers. This blog is my little escape...and my avenue to share my fascinations with art, beauty, decor, fashion, food, travel and entertainment. 
>>My favorite fall beverage....I love Williams Sonoma Five Apple Cider concentrate combined with their classic mulling spices and garnished with cinnamon sticks. I like to have this brewing on Thanksgiving day, fills the entire house with a wonderful aroma. Add a little applejack brandy for a hot tottie!
>>>This Thanksgiving I am happy to have my family nearby. In the past year, both my parents as well as my brother and his family have moved closer to me. We are now within one hour of one another. We haven't lived this close in twenty-five years! The blessings of family are a true treasure to be thankful for.
blog | facebook | pinterest | bloglovin' | twitter | etsy

>My blog is a lifestyle blog. I love to write about personal style, DIY, my life, food, faith and my small business.
>>mmm...Peppermint Mochas all the way!
>>>I am very thankful for the past year: the struggles, the having to step out and move our lives cross country, our jobs, our church and having the chance to grow through all the newness of a brand new season of life. Being stretched hurts but is amazing when you look back and see that it was totally worth every hard part.

>I blog about features, reviews, giveaways, DIY, crafts, & anything life throws at me.
>>My favorite fall beverage is of course the Pumpkin Spice Latte or the White Chocolate mocha. 
>>>I am thankful for my family, friends, & health. 

>My blog, Almost Endearing, is a lifestyle blog. I blog about my daily outfits, yummy recipes, DIY projects, photography, and other tidbits about my life. 
>>I love hot coco! Does that count? It is just so comforting and perfect for the chilly weather! 
>>>I am thankful for my family but mostly my mom. She has always supported me and loved me unconditionally. 

>My blog is about my journey to find Joy in Whatever the Circumstances. You will find posts on daily life, faith, parenting, book reviews and occasional posts on DIY projects, cooking adventures and fitness. 
>>My favorite fall beverage is Spiced Apple Cider (hot of course). I love the Trader Joes brand (to heat up at home). 
>>>I am thankful for time to spend with both My family and my husband's family this Thanksgiving.
blog | facebook | instagram | bloglovin' | twitter

>I write about life, which for this year, is an adventure! My husband and I live with 600 girls as I serve as Resident Chaplain in a girls' dormitory. I write about marriage, living in 400 square feet, faith, cheap dates, & simple joys.  
>>What's your favorite fall beverage?  I know it's early, but I'm already addicted to the peppermint mocha!
>>>What's something you're thankful for?  it's sounds super silly, but I'm so thankful for our new couch! Here's the story.

>My blog is a collection of the things and people who are close to my heart! It's also a place where I share my venture into starting my own wedding and events business, ideas, faith, thoughts, and the things that make me who I am!
>>I'm not really sure if I have a favorite fall beverage. Although, I really enjoy hot chocolate and chai lattes! 
>>>There are many things I could list that I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for having such a strong relationship with my mom, that I can share anything with her and actually enjoy hanging out with her; some people I know don't have relationships with their parents that are close like that. I'm also thankful for having such a wonderful sweetheart of a boyfriend that accepts me in all my quirkiness!

>I blog at heldbyHishand and you'll find me talking about God stuff, girl stuff and life stuff. I'm big sister to nine kiddos, I nanny for five (including 1yr old triplets!), and I'm studying my teaching degree - so some of my educational side comes out too. Most of all, I love sharing the journey God and I are on with you all, to encourage, challenge and inspire to you live your life resting in His hands. 
>>Ooo, this is a tricky question for me! For two reasons: 1. I'm not a fancy drink drinker at the best of times. and 2. I live in Australia - we are about to jump into summer and I don't think we make special drinks for 'fall' (autumn) anyway! But I love a good hot-chocolate with marshmallows anytime - especially as the weather cools down. Iced tea is my beverage of choice on these hot summer days though! 
>>>I am so thankful for the gifts and opportunities God blesses me with daily to visit with Him and connect others with Him. Okay, so I'm not always thankful and I often complain, but truly I am. I am not perfect, but I know God has given me particular characteristics and ways of working that impact others for Him that I can activate daily to grow closer to Him and others. 

>My blog started out to be all about my long distant relationship but now my guy is here with me and is trying to find and apartment & job in Germany so we can get engaged and married. I still like to blog about my relationship but also like to show modest outfits I put together, share my nature photography and share devotional lessons I have learned. Sometimes I post a song or video that I enjoyed and I sometimes I just blog something random. I am crazy about birdhouses and the color blue...that is how I got the name "The Blue Birdhouse". 
>>Homemade apple cider. I fill my glass up half way with apple juice; add hot water, cinnamon & cloves & enjoy! (For extra sweetness add sugar and just let the spices sink to the bottom)
>>>I get to share Thanksgiving with my wonderful man, my family and friends. In Germany it isn't a holiday so work takes the festiveness away but my church always celebrates it on Saturday where we invite lots of German visitors to share with them the Gospel & an American Thanksgiving.
blog | pinterest | twitter  

>My prints are visual representations of recipes. The infograph shows how much of each ingredient goes into the baked good - and all of the instructions are clearly laid out in the section below the grid. I love to bake and wanted an artwork for my kitchen that made sense as well as looked cool. The series is called the sum of the parts and there are 13 (a baker's dozen) different baked goods recipes (some norwegian) all from my childhood. 
>>My favorite fall drink is hot coffee brewed with a little of nutmeg and a dash milk. Yum.
>>>I'm thankful for my love of art and everything beautiful and my siblings who are the most loving and goofy people I know!

>I like to sum my blog up by saying it's a general lifestyle blog with focuses on art, inspiration, and wellness.  But it really has a variety of topics and such.  I have so many passions and interests in my life, that I think it comes across in my blog in some way under those three words.
>>Apple cider!
>>>I am thankful for my family.  I just got married so it's exciting knowing I have more family to celebrate with this holiday season!

Nov 5, 2020


hello!!  and happy november!
hurricane sandy seems to have swept in winter-y weather here in pa...it's been super chilly all week.  but, it's november!  and november is one of my favorite months because it contains one of my favorite holidays...thanksgiving! :)

i'm excited...and i've got some exciting things planned for this little blog this month!

so, to kick off the month, let's talk about sponsorships!

sponsorships with heavens to betsy are free!  just select the "sponsor swap" size and use the code "SWAP" at checkout!  i'd love to have you, and love to get to know you better!  if you sign up this week, you'll have the opportunity to be included in a sponsor spotlight!

questions?  email me at [email protected].

also, this november, i'm going to be hosting a "thankful thursday" link up!  so stop by this thursday and read what i'm thankful for, post about what you're thankful for, and link up!

Oct 3, 2020

sponsor htb!

hey friends!

here's just a little update about some changes that will be happening this month on heavens to betsy!

i'm switching to using passionfruit ads.  (check them out, they're awesome.  if you manage ads on your blog, they will make your life so. much. easier)

sooooo....here's the deal.  sponsor swaps on heavens to betsy will continue to be free, and i'll also be offering large featured ads each month.  check out the "sponsor" tab above for more info or to sign up!  if you already sponsor heavens to betsy, you're awesome...thank you!  just go to the tab and follow the simple steps to "purchase" an ad.  if you aren't currently a sponsor but would like to be, now's a great time to get started!

feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any questions!
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