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Jul 8, 2020

Blueberry Mint Iced Green Tea

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I've always loved tea.  My grandmother taught me well and raised me on cups of strong black tea in the mornings that we spent together over the summers when my parents were both at work.  Even now, I still love visiting her and sipping tea on her porch.  I often spend Sunday afternoons cutting my grandparent's grass and then love sitting on my grandmother's porch swing with her and catching up.  And her first offer to me is still always a cup of tea.  Although, during these summer days, I prefer an iced tea! 

Iced tea is a great, refreshing summer drink, and I love that I can enjoy it without any added sweetener!  My favorite way to dress up a cup of iced tea is to include some fruit and fresh herbs in it, and my current obsession is blueberries and mint.  Besides being super simple (as in, I'm going to give you a recipe but it can hardly be called that because you don't even need it), it's quick, versatile, and so tasty!

So, to make my new fave, all you need is some fresh blueberries (convenient since it's blueberry season, huh?), fresh mint, and Bigelow green tea!  Brew the tea bags as if you were making hot tea (one bag per every 6-8oz of water is a good ratio), and let them steep for a little bit longer than you would with a hot cup.  You'll water it down with some ice cubes, so it's good to err on the strong side.  I like to muddle some blueberries and mint leaves just to get the flavors moving a little bit (simply mashing them with a fork will do!), and then of course, topping your glass with some whole leaves and blueberries makes the experience summer perfection.  

Every time I pick up or make a glass of iced tea, I'm back in my grandmother's kitchen as a little girl, chatting about boys and school and enjoying my morning cup just the way she used to make it.  Bigelow is my favorite choice because their tea is all America, fresh, and Bigelow supports our troops!  Next time you're at Walmart, pick up a box of Bigelow tea and turn it into your next refreshing summer drink!  



  1. Yum! I love doing blueberries and strawberries in water, I'm going to have to try it in my green tea next!

  2. I'm going to try this, mint green tea is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Like you don't even know...haha. Thanks!

  3. Yay! Well I hope you like it! It's pretty healthy!

  4. Me too! Strawberry water is my fave!!

  5. Stunning pictures, Betsy!! I just want to reach out and sip on this because it looks delicious! I'll have to keep this drink in mind as I plan a few upcoming parties!!

  6. you mow your grandparents' grass?! in high school, i would try to mow the grass so my dad wouldn't have to. (fist bump here for fellow yard-workin' kids/grandkids :) also, your pictures are LOVELY!!

  7. I do! haha....I actually like mowing grass...it's fun (in a weird way) to see the progress you're making! haha
    Thanks girl!!

  8. Thanks Hayley! It's super easy to whip up a batch...hope you enjoy it!

  9. I love enjoying a glass of iced tea during the summer months after being outside with my son. Blueberry mint sounds nice and refreshing! #client

  10. Oh my goodness I love this idea! I'm so going to use this--we're in the middle of a humidity streak here in Ottawa, so cool, light, summer drinks are a MUST! Love it!


  11. I'm growing fresh mint in my container garden, and I love this idea to use it!


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