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Feb 14, 2020

HTB Happenings

i hope you had a happy valentine's day yesterday!  i started off my valentine's day celebrations with a bunch of cards and candy from a class full of adorable three and four year olds, and yesterday, i got to celebrate my first (and only) valentine's day as a fianc矇!  i hope that you're enjoying your weekend, no matter what your plans.  spend some time being grateful for the people in your life who you love!

here's what you might have missed this week on heavens to betsy:

+ we celebrated my grandmother's birthday last weekend with a few little parties and a whole lotta puzzles.  maybe i'm an old lady, but i could do puzzles for days.
+ aj came home on wednesday (and is here until tuesday night!) and it's been so great to have him around for a few days! 
+ i worked like crazy to get all of my hours in from sunday-tuesday because of aj being home, so i maybe drank a lot of coffee this week!
+ i drove up to nyc on wednesday to meet aj, zac, and amanda and we all went to see late night with seth meyers.  it was a ton of fun.  if you ever get the opportunity to see a late night show, do it!

in case you missed it:
+ a whole new line of prints launched in the shop this week!  check them out in this post, or head directly to the shop!
+ i blogged a little bit about my winter haircare routine and my experience with head & shoulders' new moisture care line.
+ do you ever consider exercise to be a form of worship?  i'm excited to dive into this lent devotional by vaulter fit that combines exercise and time spent with jesus!
+ i joined in on the golden vlog and answered faith's questions about childhood memories and valentine's plans!
+ i blogged a list of 5 ways to make valentine's day great...and some of them are good for any day of the year!

don't miss these:
+ these black bean burgers (yum!) from rachel.
+ do you lead a life of simplicity?  if not, here are 5 areas of our lives that need simplicity.
+ if you're engaged, read this post on why premarital counseling is a must!  aj and i had our first session this week and it was so good!
+ these yummy juice recipes from sarah!  (my mom and i are planning a juice cleanse for the end of february!)
+ beth has 5 great reasons that you should avoid 50 shades of grey!

and if you're a fan of anthropologie, then be sure to check out the giveaway that i'm a part of on instagram...you could win a $120 giftcard!


  1. I'm so glad you guys started your counseling! How fun. I can't wait to hear more about it! There definitely were so many great links this week!

  2. So jealous you got to go see a late night show! I think Seth and I would fall over if we got to see The Tonight Show!!

  3. Puzzles are so much fun! My husband and I like the 4D puzzles, which are 3D puzzles that you build chronologically. Dan did the Chicago and Manhattan ones himself, but we did the Paris puzzle together after we got married. Once I move down to Georgia with him, we'll start the Toronto puzzle!

  4. yayyy! your first/only valentine's day as a fiance--SO EXCITING! seeing a late night show sounds so fun. what made you guys decide to do it? and i love family birthday parties, too :)

  5. My sister loves that late night show!

  6. we saw Jimmy back in July and he was wonderful! But I honestly think I liked Seth more! He came out before the show and thanked us all for being there, and then while the band was setting up, he came up into the audience and let us ask him questions! he was very cool :)

  7. It IS so exciting! :) Since we're so close to NYC, and we are huge fans of both The Tonight Show & Late Night, we've always wanted to go to a taping...AJ managed to get tickets to see The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon back in July and it was great, and he was browsing Twitter in January and saw Seth tweet that they were releasing tickets for February dates, so he randomly went on and snagged four tickets! It was totally out of the blue, but was so much fun!

  8. Oooh...those sound fun! I've never done a 3D puzzle, but I'm a total puzzle lover, so I might have to try one someday!

  9. We saw The Tonight Show back in July and it was a total blast! Tickets are really hard to get to see Jimmy....AJ spent over an hour on the computer in a queue before he was able to get them. Tickets to see Late Night were much much easier to get, and I'd say that Seth was equally as good!

  10. It was such a good first session, and has definitely opened up some good conversations for us already! I was excited about it going into it, (AJ not so much....haha)....but that's the extrovert/introvert discrepancy. I'm really excited about how it will set us up for having good conversations in marriage!


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