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Feb 10, 2020

Say Hello to Healthy Winter Hair

it's quite possible that i have the most perplexing hair around.  i'm blessed with some great genes from my dad's side that keep a ton of hair from growing on my legs (which is awesome in the summer!) and i got my mom's thick head of hair, but the combination of that genetic pool also means that i have really dry, brittle, coarse hair that just won't grow.  my hairdressers throughout the years have always commented on it, saying that they rarely (if ever) have seen hair like mine.

i've tried everything, from a myriad of products to limiting heat styling to going low poo and even experimenting with no poo.  my hair holds curl well, and i've been able to beat it into submission with my straight iron, but the growth thing has always been an issue...it's just so dry, and it breaks so easily.  and with dry hair, comes a pretty dry scalp.  which (sorry if this is tmi!), can be itchy during the winter months!  the cold is not a friend to dry hair.

but, with a wedding on the horizon, one of my main goals is to get my hair in tip-top shape!  i've settled into a good routine of shampooing my hair at most every other day, but i also firmly believe that healthy hair starts at the scalp, so i decided to try an old favorite for scalp health:  head & shoulders!  if you're not familiar, head & shoulders products are awesome for soothing and caring for your scalp...their shampoos and conditioners work together to leave your scalp feeling nourished and to help you achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

and head & shoulders' new moisture care collection is right up my alley.  this collection is targeted at providing moisture for a dry scalp and hair immediately and over time and (textured haired girls rejoice) was created with hair like mine in mind!  the formula includes vitamin e-rich almond oil, coconut essence, and ingredients that fight dandruff and scalp irritants, so it really soothes your scalp while also giving it some tlc for the winter months!  and for those days when you decide to forgo the shampoo, the moisture care line also includes a scalp soother, which is great for soothing your scalp and improving it's moisture balance between washes.

i love the way head & shoulders left my feeling silky and smooth while also nourishing my hair and making it smell great!  i'm convinced that using a great clarifying shampoo from time to time is essential to keeping your hair healthy, and i'm excited to continue incorporating the line into my haircare routine.

what's your haircare routine like?  do you have a favorite line of shampoo?


  1. Oh cool! My hair gets pretty oily, so I may not be able to use this line, but it sounds like a good combo of ingredients!
    I use Tresseme' Curly Hydration. I don't know that it over "hydrates" but I love the way it works with my girls. I also use Suave coconut conditioner. It's not necessarily the best conditioner in the world, but it does the job and honestly, I can't part with the smell ;)


  2. I've tried these products and really like them. I have really wavy, curly, and crazy thick hair, so I have tried many products to try and find the right ones! Your hair looks gorgeous!

  3. I never would have known you have dry hair! It's so gorgeous. I totally understand the dry scalp in the winter thing, it's so annoying! When we lived in NM I just put conditioner all over my hair, but on the east coast I can't do that or it'll start to look greasy, so therefore my scalp is usually dry in the winter! This is a great look into your hair routine :)

  4. you are so cute! I have super dry hair too. And living in the desert of montana never helps. totally get the dry scalp! I usually put argan oil in it...seems to help a little bit!

  5. awe thanks! yeah, i use a blend of argan, soy, and cocoa oils on my hair and that definitely helps too, but I'm learning that your shampoo/conditioner and the schedule that you stick to when washing your hair (and not shampooing it every day) is vital to my hair's health!

  6. Oh gosh, yes! So dry and coarse. Every individual strand is just thick and not very flexible, so it can be so hard to find the perfect products for it! And I can't stand when my hair feels greasy, so it's a process..haha...but yeah, who has time for a dry scalp? not me! haha

  7. I love them! The Cowash is such a great compromise between a shampoo and conditioner! Great for the days I don't want to shampoo my hair! Thanks!

  8. You might actually find that this helps balance that moisture/oil. If you're the kind of girl who likes trying out different products, I'd recommend this one. I'm always up for giving new products a try...if you don't like them then you can always return them! And I LOVE the way coconut smells!! It's my favorite :)

  9. I remember going on a long walk with one of my best friends, and I said that I just could not meet the One until I had figured out my hair. Welp, I am getting married in five months, and I still haven't figured out my hair! Ha! Might just be a life long process. ;-)

  10. I have weirdo hair too but I love head and shoulders. It is my fav.

  11. I love the winter hair or basically hair during cold seasons. They're extra smooth and softer to touch!

  12. I may give it a try when my shampoo runs out :)

  13. My hair and scalp can get really dry too, especially in this dry, cold Massachusetts air. I love Living Proof no frizz shampoo & conditioner, but it's pricey. ;( I tend to only wash my hair about twice a week. Every other shampooing, I coat my hair with coconut oil (like really get it in there) and let it set for 30+ minutes. Then I wash it out with baby shampoo (no joke!)


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