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Feb 5, 2020

A Mid-Week Grateful Heart Check-In

after a long week of work (and a day of school assemblies tomorrow), i am happy to have arrived at thursday night!  my blogging calendar is quickly filling up for february (yay for planning ahead), but ember grey's weekly grateful heart link-up is one weekly post that i always hate missing (no matter how late i am)!  i love taking the time, even on a thursday night, to stop and think about a few things that i'm grateful for.

here's what i'm grateful for today:
+ cycling.  i'm a bit addicted to the cycling studio these days, and i love it!  my goal is to ride 1,000 miles by my wedding, but i'm already close to 200, so that goal might need to stretch!
+ christ's faithfulness.  my dad had scans yesterday and we find out results on tuesday.  he's feeling good and we're believing for continued healing!
+ mentors.  i've been meeting with my mentor for a few months now and it's been so good.  we just finished the circle maker and we're going to dive into the meaning of marriage in a few weeks.
+ scandal is on tonight!  ok, so not a deep sentiment, but hey, i'm excited.
+ spending time lettering this week.  i took a little bit of time to work on some new prints for the shop, so keep your eyes peeled for those coming soon!

what are you grateful for today?


  1. Love this! So much to be grateful for....silly or not! :) I can't wait for Scandal tonight either!
    I am dying to give hand lettering a try...maybe this weekend I will see how it goes! You are beyond talented at it. :)

  2. Scandal! Yes! I can't wait for the new episode tonight. Grey's too. :)

    Also, I love Emily's grateful heart linkup. I usually join in every Monday, but this week I missed it.

  3. I am grateful for my husband and his patience, for Christ's saving work on the cross and God's constant mercy. I am thankful that I get to go to the Biltmore House with my mother-in-law today,and I am thankful that my family MIGHT be moving closer to me :)


  4. I need to remember I have much to be thakful for. i have been kinda cranky lately and not having a grateful heart.

  5. Grateful Heart posts are my favorite. They just warm my heart. Have a great weekend!

  6. :) I think that's the thing I love about the practice of acknowledging why I'm grateful... it doesn't matter when I do it, it always feels good. (And what's even better is now I have all of these other awesome people who do it with me, which means more and more and more grateful heart posts to read. I'm convinced it can make any rough day good again.) :) XO Hope you have a great weekend, friend!


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