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May 25, 2020

Grateful for the Weekend

Happy Memorial Day friends!  I hope you're enjoying your long weekend and taking some time to remember the sacrifices of all of those who have and are serving our country today!  I'm so grateful that we live in a country where freedom is valued, and where men and women are ready to fight and even give their lives for that freedom.  If you or someone you know serves our nation, thank you!

I'm joining in today with Emily over at Ember Grey for her Grateful Heart Monday link-up. It's always great to start the week off by listing some things I'm thankful for, and today is definitely no exception.  In fact, my heart might need this list today more than ever.  In just a few hours, we'll be hitting the road to take AJ to the Philly airport.  He'll be spending the summer back in Boston taking a full course load of classes and working.  Though he'll be back for the 4th of July, these next five and a half weeks (and the five and a half after the 4th) are going to be hard.  It was so great to have him home for the past two weeks and we're in the final months leading up to our wedding, so there's lots of prepping to do.  It's just starting to hit me how much I'd like to be able to do all of that prepping together. 

In addition to that, my dad is really feeling the fatigue that a year of chemo brings and I so wish I could do something to help him.  I just want him to feel better again, especially since his scans have been good.  

So yes, today's grateful heart post is necessary.  Here's what I'm grateful for today:

+ Having two weeks with AJ
+ The long weekend
+ My schedule is about to normalize a little bit, and I'm ready to be super productive on my days off!
+ AJ and I bought living room furniture this week!
+ I'm so grateful for great brothers & sisters in Christ who support my family
+ Summer has arrived in PA...we're looking at temps in the 90s all week!
+ Getting big things crossed off of the wedding checklist
+ My first year of teaching is behind me!  While preschool wasn't necessarily what I always wanted to teach, I'm grateful for all that I learned this past year!



  1. Goodbyes are never fun but hey- you have a brand new countdown now, plus I can't believe your wedding is SO SOON!!!!! Keeping both of your parents in my prayers, Bets!

  2. Congrats on your wedding coming up so soon! I can't even imaging all of the crazy details you're trying to juggle right now. Good luck! Thanks for sharing the link-up...I posted too!

    Ps. my husband's name is also AJ ;) So he must be a great guy.

    Olivia (simplylivblog.blogspot.com)

  3. My boyfriend and I are long distance and I just have to say that I completely understand. It's hard. And those airport goodbyes are awfully rough. I'm always a crying mess. Anyways, 5 weeks you can make it! I just wrapped up my first half year of teaching and definitely learned a LOT! Good luck on the craziness of wedding planning and I'll keep your dad in my prayers.

  4. So many good things going on!! I'm so excited for your wedding.....it'll be here before you know it!! xoxo

  5. yes--PA has been giving us AMAZING temps all week! and how wonderful to have 2 weeks with AJ. i remember having to say goodbye at the end of a weekend, so anything longer than 2 days together felt luxurious! :)

  6. So true! Having him home that long was so great, but also gave us time to get into our routine, which made the goodbye even harder! I can't wait to have him home for good!

  7. Yes! Thanks :) It's crazy how soon it is!

  8. Ugh...it stinks! I'm just typically prone to crying in general at anything even remotely emotional or sad, so I can be a huge mess during those goodbyes! Congrats on finishing your first year! Thanks!!

  9. Thanks Olivia! AJ is a good name :)

  10. It's true! He'll be home for good sooner than we know it! Thanks for the prayers!

  11. I love Emily's Grateful Heart series! I will be praying that your dad starts feeling better. How exciting that you guys bought furniture. Nate and I started buying furniture before we got married & moved in together and it was the most exciting thing! To dream about movie nights on those couches as a married couple! Eeekk! Yay for Summer! We are supposed to be in the upper 80s/lower 90s this week with sunshine! Texas has been flooding for the last month, so the sunshine is welcomed!!


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