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May 11, 2020

DIY Glove Box Me-Time Kit for the Girl on the Go

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I don't know about you, but sometimes, I have a really hard time scheduling "me time".  I know it's important, but I'm always busy and running from here to there, that I rarely take the time to make it happen.  In fact, so much of the time I spend alone takes place in my car.

Because of that, my car has become a sort of haven for me.  I love my room and my office, but my car is the one place that is totally mine, where I don't have to talk to anyone, I can blast whatever music I want to, and I can just be alone.  For an extrovert, being alone is usually something I shy away from, but when I'm in the car, I kind of love it.

I've also realized that having some essential items on hand in the car can be vital to creating that coveted "me-time" while I'm on the go!  I've popped a little kit into my glove compartment for those moments when I'm out and about and have some time to spare to take care of myself.  Those lunch breaks where rolling down the windows and parking by a shady tree are made even better when I get to throw a much-needed coat of polish on my nails!  Or, for the moments when I'm halfway to work and realize I don't have any jewelry on, enter the me-time kit and the earrings I have stashed inside!

This little life-saver is so easy to throw together, and has helped me look good (or feel good) on quite a few occasions.  Here's how you can put together your own:

This kit is totally customizable for you, but here are a few things that I put in mine:
+ Tissues
+ Nail File
+ Earrings (I always realize I don't have earrings on when I'm already on my way somewhere!)
+ Makeup
+ Headphones
+ Hair Ties & Bobby Pins
+ Lotion
+ Perfume
+ Nail Polish
Skinny Cow® Blissful Truffle Candy Bars, in either the Milk or Dark Chocolate flavors

Putting this one together is super easy...find yourself a cute little glove-compartment sized makeup bag and stuff it with all of your me-time goodies!  These can be anything you want.  What I listed above are some things I like to have on hand, but toss in anything that will help you feel good or look good while you're out and about!  Another tip is to toss in a few things that you're always forgetting....like I said, for me, that's often earrings, so having a pair in my car kit is super helpful!  Pop it into your glove compartment for the moments when you need a little pampering on-the-go.  When moments like that arise, break it out and enjoy some me-time!  One of my other favorite things to have in the car is a nice iced coffee or iced mocha.  The Skinny Cow® Mocha Latte Creamy Iced Coffee (available in three flavors) is perfect for when you're on-the-go, but be sure not to store it in your glove box...this one needs to stay refrigerated!

And now that summer is here, sometimes my in-the-car "me time" just has to include a frozen treat!  If you're trying to be a little conscious of your waistline like me, then definitely check out Skinny Cow® Vanilla Almond Crunch Bar.  Delicious vanilla low-fat ice cream surrounded by a chocolatey shell with almonds?  Yes please!

Be sure to check out Skinny Cow® indulgences available at Wal-Mart!  Be sure to pick up the Skinny Cow® Blissful Truffle Bar in the candy aisle, Skinny Cow® Frozen Treats in the freezer section, and Skinny Cow® Creamy Iced Coffee in the refrigerator section!  And for up-to-date info on Skinny Cow® products, check them out on social media:

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  1. This is so perfect! I really need to clean out my car -- & then I wanna fill my glove box with this stuff. So useful!

  2. This is such a cute idea! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I have a kit just like this, but I carry it around in my bag. I never thought of putting it in my glove box! Also, Skinny Cow is probably my favorite of all "diet" brands. I love their cookie ice cream sandwiches. :)

  4. I typically carry a 'safety' bag in my purse but perhaps I should keep on in my car too. You never know when you are going to leave the house with just your wallet. :)

  5. Parking under a shady tree during in between time is totally my thing haha! When I am traveling in the fall and have some down time in between high school visits, I always find a Walmart parking lot or public library, park in the shade, and take a little nap :)

  6. I recently got a trio of cute little cosmetics bags from VS and I'm toootally building a kit with one! I've never really thought about this but I feel like it's so necessary. I like to have lotsa stuff in my purse too, but you can never have too many emergency kits, can you? I'm with you on the earrings thing- I forget them too often!

    And I've heard a lot about Skinny Cow but haven't tried any products, but that iced coffee is calling my name.....

  7. I love this idea! My car is definitely where I get a lot of me time, too. I spend way too much time driving around each day. I could definitely use a kit like this! I'm always wishing I had some lotion or a nail clipper when I'm in the car.

  8. This is a great idea! My car is definitely my safe haven-sometimes I'll pull into the driveway and then just sit in my car for an additional 20 minutes listening to music or a book on tape because I don't want to face the rest of the world!

  9. I have that mascara too! It's my favorite. #client


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