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Dec 3, 2020

Black + White

mark, natalie, and aj were all home for the holiday last weekend, so we took advantage of that fact and snapped a few family portraits after church on sunday (will be sharing those soon!).  and because we were in a pretty setting and i had a somewhat willing photographer in aj (ok, ok, maybe i forced him a little)...i took advantage of the opportunity to have some photos taken that i didn't need my remote for!

i am a big fan of filling my closet with staple pieces and colors.  i am a neutral girl, through-and-through, but i also like to shake things up with interesting details and color here and there.  my mom requested that we all wear jeans and black, grey, or cream, so i opted for my favorite skinnies (which now have a hole in them....nooooo!) and a cream blouse and drapey black cardigan.  simple, yes, but the zipper detail on the sweater and lace details on the blouse (which are hidden by the cowl) shake things up just a bit, i think!

can we also take a second to talk hair?  aj's grandmother recently told me i have "the best hair" and i couldn't help but laugh.  i have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with my hair.  it's super thick, super coarse, grows like molasses, breaks really easily, and has a total mind of it's own.  i've never been able to just let it air dry (or just blow dry, for that matter), and instead have always needed multiple hot tools to tame it.

earlier this fall, in an effort to make it more manageable, i had my hair dresser give me a loose perm.  again, love/hate.  yes, i can just throw product in it and go if i want to, but i have yet to find a product that holds my curls the way i want them (as soon as my hair dries it now turns into a less-than-curly poof), even though when i use a curling iron on it, it holds curl like a boss.  see?  total mind of it's own.

i'm also in the process of attempting to grow it out, and doing everything i know to do to make it happen faster...i'm on biotin, vitamins, not shampooing every day, trying to avoid heat styling when possible, etc, etc, etc.

so, enjoy these photos of yours truly (the real star here is the pretty little pine tree forest!) and if you have tips on how to tame curls that won't cooperate, how to make your hair grow faster, or how to soften the coarsest hair you've ever met, help a sister out.

jeans // old navy 
blouse // forever 21
camisole // forever 21
cardigan // dress up
cowl // modena
watch and bracelets // betsey johnson & alex + ahi
shoes // gap 


  1. As soon as you put these pictures on Facebook the other night, I fell hard for your boots! Love them! And I have a simple answer that will cure all your hair troubles - go bald, it's the cool thing to do haha!

  2. I love this look on you! I am also a "staples" kind of girl and have wayyy too much black, grey, and navy in my closet! Sorry, not sorry!

  3. Pictures of you always show your beauty but you know what I love most? A calmness and a serenity always shines through. A naturalness. I love it!

  4. Super cute outfit and I am in love with your boots!! AJ's grandmother is correct...your hair rocks!

  5. Loving this nice relaxed outfit, and those boots are super adorable.

  6. I l-o-v-e Pantent ProV's deep conditioner for curly hair, seriously will give you the softest hair! I also use Suave's 'captivating curls' mousse after I untangle the mess + a little argan oil to help retain moisture, softness, & shine. Hope this helps! :-)

  7. Love that scarf & booties. Also, if you find a way for hair to hold curls, let me know! Haha. I can't seem to get curls to stay in my hair. It seems to just hang there. Unless someone else professionally does it...

  8. Argan Oil. Seriously, I have some crazy curly hair. It's coarse and I'm not sure about growth. But ever since I started using Argan Oil it seriously has helped my hair. Since I have such dry hair, I used it probably 3-4 times a week (but apparently people with finer hair should only use it once a week). Also, I'm not sure if your hair super dry or not (my scalp and hair are AWFUL) but I recently switched to shampoo with coconut milk and shea butter in it and it's made ALL the difference. Coconut milk hydrates curly hair.

  9. You look gorgeous Betsy!! I love that scarf :))

  10. Soooooo pretty! Both you and that background! :)

  11. So pretty, Betsy. Love that second to last picture... such a sweet smile that seems like it was probably just for your photographer. :)

  12. Oh my goodness -- I think these are my favorite pictures of you that you have posted! I love them so much, you look amazing! (Good job, AJ!) ;)

  13. Oh my Goodness!! You are totally rocking this outfit posts you have started doing and I LOVE it! And I agree with Britt ... I think these are my favorites too! You go girl! :)

  14. Amazing background & photos, my beautiful friend!

  15. You look gorgeous! Your hair is so pretty-- mine looks like a rat's nest.


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