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Dec 6, 2020

HTB Happenings

well, we're into the throes of december...i can't even believe that christmas is just a few weeks away!  it still doesn't totally feel like christmastime to me yet, but the season is starting to creep in, and i love it!

+ aj's cousin nora got married last weekend and everything was just beautiful!
+ i've been taking melissa esplin's i still love calligraphy class and it's taught me so much!
+ i spent thursday shopping for christmas presents, and having a few of these in my purse was a life saver!
+ i got the most magical blanket at restoration hardware on my shopping trip.  i basically just always want to be wrapped up in it!

in case you missed it:
+ check out my holiday gift guide to discover some great small businesses and take advantage of some deals!
+ what do you stock your bag with when you have a marathon shopping day?  i love tossing in a few luna bars!
+ a little b&w style and hair probs happened on wednesday.
+ courage was born on christmas day.
+ as always, i started this week with a grateful heart!

don't miss these:
+ i'm in love with emily's christmas movie picks.
+ samantha's for-her gift guide is a great round-up of pretty, simple, and polished girly gifts! 
+ daisy offered up some great tips for how to multitask without drowning.  so pin-worthy!
+ i love madison's thoughts on advent and the fact that we need to be willing to receive the tasks god has for us and be a blessing to others!
+ beth's crush of the month giveaway features these adorable wooden trees!

happy weekending!


  1. abby - little city adventuresDecember 6, 2020 at 9:43 AM

    I've been loving all of the calligraphy photos you've been posting since you've been inspired by the class :) I wish I could do hand lettering/calligraphy but alas I cannot despite my efforts ha

  2. I love restoration hardware-- must be a cozy blanket! And thanks for sharing the post Betsy! :)


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