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Jul 10, 2020

Lately According to Instagram

here's what's been going on lately according to my instagram feed!

i took a long bike ride with my dad on father's day

we're cut from the same cloth

my view for most of that bike ride

a selfie for #fridayintroductions

my co-leader, jess, & i had a sleepover with our small group of 7th grade girls!

some of our small group on a sunday morning

my cousin, logan, graduated from high school this year!

it's been awesome to have aj home this summer

this boy :)

i've been spending a lot of time with my grandmother this summer...it's been great!

mini golf dates with my boy

my little succulent leaves are starting to root!

some calligraphy i did for a friend

we visited the wwii air show at the reading airport at the beginning of june

what have you been up to lately?


  1. Such great pics! I love the one of you and your grandmother :) And the ones with you and the girls - looks like you have a lot of fun!

  2. Great idea for a post...our pictures tell so much of our life story!

  3. I love looking back on my Instagram feed! It always brings back good memories. Looks like you have had a fun past few weeks.

  4. love the updates with pictures and enjoy it via instagram too :) glad you are getting to spend lots of time with your man!!! very sweet!

  5. Looks like life has been pretty good lately! Yah to bike rides :)

  6. Your family looks so fun! And yay for added time with your boyfriend this summer :)

    PS - I have a letter to be mailed to you that's been sitting on my desk for well over a month. I'm sorry! I am forcing myself to get to the post office by this weekend at the latest, haha.

  7. I love that you had a sleepover with your small group girls!! :) That picture of you and your Grandma is adorable. It looks like you're having a great summer!

  8. So much fun in your life lately!!! :)

  9. Yay for bike rides with dad!! My dad and I do a weekly bike ride at a nearby park :)

  10. I LOVE that photo of you and your grandmother! :)

  11. thanks so much! it's been fun spending extra time with her this summer :)

  12. so fun! i love getting out on our bikes :)

  13. the sleepover was so fun...its those times that remind me that they don't hate me for constantly telling them to put down their phones and to stop talking while someone else is during our weekly small group time at youth group :)

  14. awe yay! :)
    having him home this summer has been GREAT! :)

  15. it has been! can't complain too much :)

  16. thanks girl! it's been fun having him home this summer :)

  17. me too! i love the little photo memories that are encapsulated in instagram!

  18. thanks girl! it's been fun getting in some extra grandma time this summer :)


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