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Jul 18, 2020

Become a Lifetime Member of the Influence Network!

if you haven't heard of the influence network before, then you're totally missing out.  the influence network is run by a group of fabulous women and is comprised of a network of bloggers and writers and creatives and just amazing women who are all intentional about making their online space mean something.

that concept alone has been so inspiring and meaningful to me.  i so want this blog to give life and not steal joy.  i've seen too many blogs and forums focused on negativity and tearing others down, and there's just too much of that already in the world.  so, check out the influence network, and enter below to win a lifetime membership!

i would not be able to bring this giveaway to you without the help of some amazing bloggers! these ladies all have made this possible so make sure to check them out and show them some love.

oh, and the lifetime membership includes the following: 
10 free classes to take anytime 
open forums
weekly free resources
discipleship groups
pursuit groups
one free monthly class
extra surprises!! 

so this is seriously the way to go, lifetime members receive their money's worth times 1,000 in my opinion! you get so much and the investment is well spent!

the giveaway will run for one week, and all entries will be verified so play fair! we will email the winner on how to receive your membership upon the closing of the giveaway! good luck!


  1. Are you a member, Bets? I'd love to hear your thoughts/feedback on your experience. (Are you going to the conference?)

  2. I WISH I was going to the conference! I'm not, but it's a dream....I've tried out the monthly membership, and I'm really praying about investing in the lifetime. It's so worth it, you really do get your money's worth for all they offer you...I follow some of the creators on instagram and even in those spaces they glorify Christ and are so inspiring!

  3. Very interested in this network!

  4. I agree there is a lot of negativity, I even had some fairly negative experiences with fellow bloggers when trying to collaborate, it is nice to see it all about being positive. I will check this out for sure.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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