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Nov 26, 2020

An Open Letter to a Blog Friend...

i don't think i can fully express to you what you mean to me.  when i began blogging, i had no idea what community there could be in this internet world.  i never imagined real flesh and blood friendships would come from it.

i expected that blogging would look a lot like me curled up at my desk, coffee in hand, drafting posts and commenting on others, but never that it would also look like texting prayer requests at lunch and sending each other crazy selfies and actually drinking coffee across a table instead of just across a screen from one another.

there are so many of you, and so forgive me if this letter feels impersonal, but know that i sincerely mean each word.

you've come alongside me at a time when life is hectic and when i've been desperate for friends who understand this part of my life.  as the title "blogger" has become a greater part of who i am, i've felt silly time after time identifying myself as one to those who aren't a part of this world.

and you've been so much more than a blogging friend.  our conversations have gone beyond whatever we each wrote this week and have become life-giving.  from unpacking the devotion we read this morning to asking the hard questions, you've become someone who meets me where i am, and encourages and challenges and celebrates and prays right alongside me.

we are part of a world that can be competitive and all about "me, me, me!".  but how fortunate to have found friends, true, honest friends, who cheer one another on and champion one another's causes.  who look at this journey as a privilege and one filled with collaboration and cooperation.  who genuinely care for one another instead of just looking at one another as another statistic...a page view, a follower.

i don't think either of us could deny the grace of god in allowing our paths to cross.  after all, every good and perfect thing comes from him.  so thanks.  thanks for being the friend i needed when i needed one.  thanks for the check-in texts, the little "saw this and thought of you" messages, the excited tweets, and for including me in your life, both online and offline.

i hope we'll be able to squeeze one another in real life someday, but in case that doesn't happen, know that i'm so grateful for you.



  1. Amen girl. Love this - these words ring so true from my heart, too!! I'm thankful to get to know you and CANT WAIT to meet at Influence!:)

  2. yessssss! counting down the days!! :)

  3. LOVE this and LOVE you! Such a great way to start my day! :)

  4. Aw Betsy! This is so sweet :) I'm sure that it is touching so many blogging friends' hearts right now! They're lucky to have met someone as wonderful as you!

  5. I know I'm going against all commenting rules here but sometimes the simplest words are all that are needed. Love this post...so true and such a blessing blogging has been to all of us!

  6. I just recently stumbled on your blog, and I'm so glad that I did! I love your posts and your personality, you seem like a very kindhearted person. Keep up the awesome work! :)

  7. This is exactly what I would write if I wrote a letter to my blogging friends. Isn't it crazy how we can build friendships with other bloggers? I had no idea anything like that existed when I started blogging. Now I have friends that I talk to almost everyday, and not just about blogging stuff. I love it!

  8. This is beautiful, Betsy. I never thought when I started blogging it would bring me some of my best friends, but it has. It's overwhelmingly good! (Also, I saw Lauren's comment that you're going to Influence? I'm excited to meet you there!)

  9. You are awesome! And, I feel the same way--community and the friends I've made are the absolute best.

  10. It really is so much more than i expected too. Thanks again and Peony Project has a lot to do with that "community" for me :)

  11. Love this! Thank you so much for sharing and for all you have done for the blogging world as well!

  12. <3<3<3 Can't wait to meet you in real life someday! But for now, I am so thankful for the friendship we do have!

  13. I love this! And it amazes me, the friendships I have built through the blogging world. So thankful. Thank you for creating the Peony Project. It's such an amazing community and I adore the group!


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