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Nov 10, 2020

Today, I'm Grateful for Those Who Serve

let's start our weeks with a grateful heart!  grab a post-it note or notebook or piece of scrap paper and a pen and make a list of a few things you're grateful for right now.  seriously, it'll only take you a few short moments and i promise that it'll change the perspective of your day or your whole week!

here are a few things that i'm grateful for this morning:
aj's coming home tomorrow! 
i taught myself (and you) how to arm knit last week and have a new cozy scarf!
gilmore girls (because maybe i've watch two-and-a-half seasons in the past three weeks)
a really great family
washi tape (it's just so pretty)
she reads truth's hospitality study (did you follow along too?)
pinecones (such lovely decor items!)
new boots that were super super on sale
this crisp fall weather
no school tomorrow!

even more importantly than the things mentioned above, i'm grateful for those who serve our country and protect our freedom.  tomorrow is veteran's day and yesterday we honored vets at church.  we got to hear testimonies from a few wounded warriors and we collected donations to bless some homeless veterans in our city.  each year, our motorcycle ministry delivers some of those backpacks to an organization by way of a big motorcycle ride with around 50 bikes.  and this year, they convinced me to ride with them, which was so much fun!  but the point is, the whole service just made me so much more appreciative and grateful for those who put their lives in danger every day to protect our country.  so today, i'm thankful for veterans and those currently in the armed forces. 

today, i'm linking up with ember grey for grateful heart monday.  if you're a blogger, take that little list you jotted down and turn it into a blog post and join in with us!

and just as an added bonus for your monday, i'd love to have you hang out with me on my sidebar!  from now until thanksgiving, use the code givethanks to get $4 off of any ad package!  i'd love to work with you!

what are you grateful for today?  what's on your list?


  1. Love that your church honored the veterans--they are such an integral part of our nation and I'm very grateful for them!

  2. Such good things to be grateful for, Betsy! I'm also grateful for the ability to be hospitable (loved that study) and hosting one of my college friends at our apartment this weekend :)

  3. I'm definitely grateful for my dad. He is a retired Marine and really helped in the bringing of democracy to Iraq.

  4. That's awesome...I'm grateful for him too! I have so much respect for those in the military!

  5. Me too! It was so good for me, a good reminder that hospitality is more than just throwing nice parties! So fun that you get to put it into practice this weekend!

  6. It was such a good service and I'm with you...so grateful for them!

  7. YES. I was thinking about the veterans today and just felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude, and then of course was so disappointed in myself for not having mentioned anything in my own post! Enjoy your day off tomorrow, Bets!! (And time with AJ!) And thank you so much for linking up :)

  8. Such an important day to remember. My brother, dad, brother-in-law, aunt, cousin and grandfather are all veterans and I am giving thanks for everything that they have done to serve this country - and every other veteran & armed forces member out there, still with us and not. Thank you for thinking of them too!!
    Enjoy your time with AJ and a fab day off tomorrow!!

  9. It nice to hear how people give back to those who have served and are serving this country, protecting us and defending freedom. I appreciate all those who have given of their time in service. That's cool that you got to be apart of the delivery process and ride with the motorcyclist. My grandfather served as a Tuskegee Airman, and My Dad was in the Air-force Band.

  10. Great one ! I write every night on my gratitude journal just to reflect back on myself and be thankful of what have been given to me even the smallest things because these little things are the ones that matter most in our lives such as being able to wake up every single day, being able to breathe and enjoy every moment with the people we love, and having parents who loves me for who I am.. They're the things that's keeping me alive, and I'm grateful for that. Sometimes we all just forget about those little things, while in reality, without them, we won't be alive right now :)
    Such an inspiring post !



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