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Nov 18, 2020

Cute & Comfy Style

since my outfit post last week was such a hit, and i had so much fun doing it, i thought i'd snap a few more!  (who knows?  maybe these will be a regular feature here?)

but i'm gonna be honest with you....just posting photos of myself i something i'm not 100% comfortable with.  i mean, i love seeing y'alls style and getting outfit ideas from all of you fashionistas out there, but that's just never what my blog's been about.  so i think if i'm going to keep doing these fashion posts, i'll try to also leave you with a few styling tips or tricks, or some information about my personal style!  take it or leave it, i won't be offended!  

so today, i'd love to talk a little bit about my style.  i like to shop, and i love clothes, but if i had to define my style, i'd have to say that it's definitely more classic-casual.  i have a few "pretty" tops in my wardrobe, and i love dresses, but most days, you'll find me in a pair of jeans, some flats, and a shirt or sweater.  i work at a church, and am lucky that i can wear jeans to work every day if i want to.   (though i'm not going to lie, i think i might also love dressing all cute and office-y for a more formal job!)

fall is without a doubt my favorite season to dress for.  i love layering and i love cozy accessories, like scarves! (can you tell? haha)  i also enjoy taking a more basic, comfortable top (like this striped shirt) and adding a cowl, jacket, and some bracelets to dress it up just a bit and pull it all together.  like i said, i work in a fairly relaxed environment, and two days a week, i'm a preschool teacher, so i like to be cute and comfortable!

and i'm linking up today with the creative closet and talking about cozy style!

and here are the details on the outfit if you're interested!
shirt // free bird
jeans // old navy
jacket // h&m
cowl // modena
shoes // gap
watch // betsey johnson
bracelets // alex + ani and kate spade


  1. abby - little city adventuresNovember 18, 2020 at 7:21 AM

    You look so pretty :)
    I have the same problem...I'm just not 100% comfortable with myself when I take outfit photos. One of my goals this year is to take more outfit photos, forcing myself to be more comfortable with myself

  2. I agree - I love scarves and will add them to pretty much any outfit!

  3. I'm totally obsessing over this outfit. I love the black and white striped shirt with the beige scarf and army green jacket layered on top :)

  4. This outfit is perfect for the fall. It is freezing here in NC today and I need to come up with some cute cozy outfits like this for my wardrobe! You are a natural in front of the camera. Keep it up! xoxo!

  5. I usually tie my fashion posts into other posts, like a Currently post or a Goals post. If I dedicate an entire post to fashion, then I have some sort of twist to make it interesting. Like I had a post showing off a look inspired from Pinterest. Another time I showed a favorite dress of mine styled for three different occasions.
    I'm obsessed with stripes myself. I love how you've accessorized with your striped top!

  6. You are rocking it, girl!!! I absolutely LOVEEEE your outfit. You are beautiful! I can't wait for the next one!

  7. I love your outfit, too! I'm the same about being uncomfortable about taking outfit photos, but you are beautiful! Love seeing these type of posts, too! :)

  8. I love that shirt! You look so adorable :)

  9. I'm like you...casual and comfy all the way. I love sweaters and layers. Scarves too!

  10. You have such a cute "no fuss" style! That's pretty much how I am!

  11. So pretty! Autumn is my fave season to dress for as well! Unfortunately, I have to dress up in business wear for work. Boo. :)

  12. Love it!
    So cute and so cozy!

  13. I love your watch so cute. You look stunning in this outfit!



  14. Okay... your jacket is to die for. I love it!

  15. Love these photos of you! You're a natural tripod photographer ;) That jacket is perfect!


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