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Mar 21, 2020

HTB Happenings

This weekend has just been the best.  AJ came home on Wednesday morning and we've basically spent every minute together since.  Despite the fact that we got four inches of snow on the first day of spring, we have had a great few days together!

Here's what you might have missed this week on Heavens to Betsy:

+ Water is pretty much the only thing I drink, besides coffee and tea, and I love infusing it!  The combo of blackberries and rosemary is super yummy!
+ One of the things we tried to cross off the wedding checklist this weekend was figuring out our honeymoon plans!  We narrowed it down to a cruise or a week at an all-inclusive resort, and we think we made a decision...if you weighed in and offered some advice on instagram...THANK YOU!
+ The beginning of the week was filled with a few busy, busy days of getting stuff done before AJ came home...and I got sick!
+ Like I said...4 inches of snow on the first day of spring.  And it was basically all gone the next day when we had temps in the 50s!

+ Have you tried this delicious Blackberry-Lime Spritzer?  Check out the recipe and get some party decor tips!
+ I'm a bit of a Target addict, so here's my spring wish list (plus a giveaway for a $400 gift card!)
+ You can read all about my decision to go to a Christian college here.
+ The first of my Heavens to Betsy Tell-All posts went live this week!  I answered ten of YOUR questions!
+ I started the week with a grateful heart, despite not feeling well.

+ This grain-free granola recipe from Anna!
+ Have you ever seen Mystic Pizza?  Well Samantha took a trip to Mystic and ate there!
+ Daisy's lessons learned from working freelance are so interesting!  Freelancing is definitely not easy, but it's an adventure!
+ I totally resonate with Skylar's feelings about being in the "in between" stage of life!
+ I'm loving how many of my favorite bloggers are engaged right now!  Summer's coffee-themed bridal shower looks adorable!

and for a limited time:  i'm offering $3 off any ad package on my blog with the code "justbecause"!  click here to check out advertising options!


  1. I freeze blackberries and then throw them in my sparkling water instead of ice cubes - if I'm feeling really motivated, I will crush a few mint leaves and add them to the mix, and it creates the most refreshing beverage on the planet!

  2. Planning your honeymoon is so fun! I loved planning mine and getting away and celebrating with my new husband...such an exciting time!

  3. Hey girl, just discovering your blog, and I'm seriously impressed with this round-up of happenings! You've put a ton of work into this! And I love throwing frozen berries and herbs in my water, too! Have you tried raspberry and mint? xx Can't wait to keep reading!


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