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Jan 18, 2020

HTB Happenings

happy sunday friends!  for me, this week was filled with last-minute to-dos and little dates as aj got ready to head back to boston...we're now getting back into the groove of long-distance, but this time is different...there's a light at the end of the tunnel!  and admittedly, the blow of him leaving was softened just a little by the fact that i have to-do list as long as my arm and i can throw myself into completing it!  starting with cleaning my atrocity of a room...

it's raining ice outside today here in pa, so if you're curled up on a couch like i'm planning on being this afternoon, here's what you might have missed on htb this week:

+ he's back in boston!  and we're in the home stretch...seven months til we end this long distance thing for good!
+ i basically already have my wedding invitations designed, but i still ordered free samples, because i'm only planning to be a bride once and you know i'm gonna milk it for all it's worth.
+ my aunt and uncle came over for dinner last night and we played scrabble.  i kicked everyone's tush.
+ i started whole30 yesterday!  and hit the gym, ya know #sweatingforthewedding and all...if you've done whole30, i want to hear about your experience!

in case you missed it:
+ i talked about my morning routine and how i'm a total tea-lover!
+ you have to read this hilarious marriage advice from 1913!
+ the second part of our love story was up this week...i promise the proposal is coming!
+ i talked about being grateful for the little things, like parking spaces!

don't miss these:
+ i loved summer's post on learning how to thrive.
+ stephanie's food photography tips are great!  i need to get better at food photography!
+ daisy wrote about what she looks for in an apartment..some great things to keep in mind!
+ madison has some fantastic tips for planning a blogger meet-up!
+ rachel's shop, oh simple joys, is reopen!  and she has a discount code on her blog for you!

have a great sunday!


  1. Yay for ending long distance soon! We had a several month stretch of being in two different states before the wedding and it was crazy, but good because I got stuff done without distraction and we weren't tempted to just run off to the court house and make it official so we could just move in together already. (Okay, maybe tempted, but he still would have been in another state...) Adjusting to seeing him every day and suddenly living together made for some funny first fights, but totally worth it in the end. Thanks for featuring my photography softbox tutorial! I'm so excited that everyone can make their own too!

  2. Thanks for sharing girl! I'm so excited that you are so close to being done with long distance! It's the best feeling in the world!

  3. I've done the whole30 twice. You will feel great!! I've gone back to everything but sugar. 2 weeks in is when it starts to get a little bit hard but if you can push past a couple of days you will be fine! Good luck, and yay for almost wedding time!

  4. Yay! So close to done with Long Distance! It will be amazing :) Also, I'm starting it a week from today! I'm nervous... might be texting you for accountability :)

  5. Yes! Definitely text me!! I'm doing well right now (except when I scroll through my IG feed and see donuts...haha) but I have a feeling that I'll need a little accountability in a week or two! But honestly, I'm on day 3 and I really do feel good!

  6. Yay! That is so encouraging! I'll need to order that book. I feel good so far!

  7. Thanks for that encouragement! I feel good right now, but I can see how I could feel like stumbling in a week or two! haha

  8. yes! it's so so good to have a light at the end of the tunnel!

  9. Hahaha we are already saying "why don't we just move the wedding up to may?"...we have been long distance for a year and a half now, so we will be both be SO ready for it to be over! plus, he won't be home for the summer...he's staying in boston to take more classes, so he'll literally be home like two weeks before the wedding!

  10. That is so tough! Totally worth it though I'm sure. The days will go by before you know it. We just celebrated 4 years and it's been a flash. We almost didn't believe it was 4!


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