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Jan 12, 2020

Grateful for a Parking Space

when i was in college, i decided to make it a habit to live a life of gratitude and to find small things to say "thanks" to god for.  somewhere halfway through those years, i had read a book called here's to hindsight, in which the author wrote about the small graces that god extends to us.  there was one particular quote in the book in which she offered up the notion that god loves to show us how much he lies us in the little things that he does for us everyday.

so, somewhere in my junior year, i started to offer up little prayers about the little things.  if you read my post about defining dreams back in december, you know that i believe in big, bold prayers.  they honor god, and god honors them.  but i also think that god honors our little prayers too.  and sometimes, the little prayers being answered can be really fun.

one of my favorite little prayers to pray is "jesus, give me a good parking space".  it may seem totally insignificant or silly, but i pray that prayer regularly, and regularly, jesus shows me how much he loves me my granting my little request for good parking.  it's almost ridiculous, to the point where others have taken notice.  a few months ago, aj commented on the fact that i always somehow manage to get a good parking space when we go out (like, front-row-at-target-on-black-friday good). i simply answered "its jesus."  and then, after pulling my jetta into that space, i audibly whispered "thanks jesus!" before hopping out of my car.

it's not just about the parking space (or the cup of coffee, or the stranger holding the door for you on a rainy day, or whatever it is in your life), but about the blessing you see in it.  and about recognizing it as a small way in which god is reminding you of his love for you!  because like any dad likes to see his child happy, god delights in giving us the desires of our hearts, even when they're tiny little things like good parking spaces.

so today, i'm thankful for blessings, both big and small, and a god who loves to bestow them on us!

i'm linking up with emily at ember grey for her grateful heart monday link-up, open all week!


  1. I just love this! That is a really cool thing to do, and I love how you see the blessing in getting a parking spot. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I love doing this! One time when it was POURING rain and FREEZING cold on my walk to work, I decided to do just what you've been doing and instead of being mad that I was cold/wet, I started to thank God for everything I could think of (like shoes that can get wet & a job with heat). Gratefulness is so important!

  3. I pray for parking spots all the time especially when its cold or pouring down rain! God answers even the smallest prayers!! He is so good!

  4. Whenever I find a good parking space at Whole Foods, I feel like I need to pay everyone back with good karma for the rest of the week, it's always a miracle to get a good parking space at the Whole Foods near me! The small prayers all add up! :)

  5. I seriously love this. Thank God for all the blessings. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Small prayers, big prayers - they all lead up to Him! I like to pray both kinds as well. I've never prayed for a good parking space, but I definitely said thank you for one this week - I was in too much hip pain to hobble all the way across the lot and on a busy Saturday morning, I got a spot right in front of the stores in the huge shopping plaza, wahoo!
    I love the way you phrased that: "...like any dad likes to see his child happy, God delights in giving us the desires of our hearts..." AMEN friend!

  7. I do small prayers like that for parking spots, too!

  8. :) I do this too, Betsy! And then when one opens up, I immediately say, "Hey!! Thanks, God!" and I always feel like it's some sort of high five or something haha. (I think He loves the big prayers, as well as the little prayers.. because it's us going to Him, regardless of how big or small the situation is.) Loved this!


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