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Jan 28, 2020

It's Tax Season, Baby!

raise your hand if you're slightly dreading tax season.  if you're anything like me, having to do your taxes is a little bit scary and a whole lot grown up, and maybe it sounds better to stay a kid for a while, right?  i mean, don't get me wrong, i love that refund check, but i turn into a major stress ball trying to figure out exactly what everything means when filing my taxes.  and trust me, with a wedding to plan, i want to make sure i do my taxes as easily and as best as i can to get the biggest return!

filing taxes always seems like a daunting task, even a few years out of college (i know, you're saying, ok betsy, c'mon, it's time to put on your big girl panties and get it done).  i remember facing last tax season with my mom at my side, coaching me through it.  even though i'm an ez filer, i still feel like i need a dictionary to decode all of the tax-ese involved with filing.  can i claim someone?  what does "claiming" even mean?  do i have to pay to file my taxes?  who should i file them through?  how do i know if that's a reputable website?  is that the biggest refund i can get?!?  it seems like there are so many questions and so many variables to filing your taxes!  and because i work part time and also earn some income at other jobs here and there, i'm always worried that i'm going to miss something.

but if you're like me:  good news!  turbotax is on your side.  i personally checked out turbotax's new absolute zero program, and i feel like the burden of tax prep is lifted!  if you're an ez filer, then look no further when it comes time to file your taxes.  turbotax is committed to saving you money by charging you absolutely nothing to file your taxes (state included...woohoo!) from start to finish, as long as you are a first-time filer, a student, or don't have a house or investments.

even though taxes are daunting to me, the thought of taking them to someone (and paying someone part of my precious refund check!) is a little bit less appealing.  plus, i'm a do-it-yourself ind of girl, so i like learning how to do things on my own!  turbotax believes that no one knows your year better than you, and that makes you the best person to do your taxes.  think of it as them believing in you and just helping you to equip yourself with skills that will be a huge benefit down the road!  the website is easy to navigate and walks you through everything, but don't worry...if you run into problems or have a question, their support staff is there to help you every step of the way.

so what is your take on tax season?  do you have someone help you with your taxes (like a professional, or, um...your mom), or do you conquer them yourself?

i was selected for this opportunity as a member of clever girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Taxes stress me out so much, because I convince myself I'm somehow going to much such a big mistake that it ends up with me in jail haha. Luckily, my husband is great at this stuff!

  2. OMG I HATE doing taxes! All of the terminology is so confusing to me and my brain just wants to go "Does not compute!" which is why I usually put it off for way too long!

  3. Amen! It totally scares me! haha...but seriously, TurboTax is where it's at!

  4. Oh my gosh, I know! I feel like I'm the next Al Capone or something...haha! (but not on purpose!!)

  5. OH I do my own taxes... I've been using Tax Act the last few years, but maybe I'll try out Turbo Tax and see how it goes. Hopefully they can pull my information from Tax Act?!?

  6. I think they might be able to! They ask you a few questions to get you started :)

  7. We do our own taxes and are almost done, but we moved states last year, and it's so confusing figuring out how to split tax information based on each state's standards. Turbo Tax is definitely the way to go, though! Always as easy as it can be!

  8. I do my own taxes using the Turbo Tax Home & Business! So simple to do as long as all your paperwork is organized!!


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