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Jan 19, 2020

Starting the Week with a Grateful Heart

happy monday friends!  i hope you're off to a warm start this week...we got a lovely sheet of ice on the ground here, but we're pressing on!  as usual, i'm linking up with ember grey this morning for grateful heart monday!

i'm a few days into my whole30 journey and feeling pretty good so far, so that's at the top of my grateful list this week.  i need a major reset on my diet, so i'm hoping this will do the trick!

here are a few other things that i'm grateful for:
+ a great workout yesterday (feeling sore today, but it feels so good!)
+ we made really great progress on the wedding plans in january!
+ my dad has been feeling really good these days (praise god!)
+ friends on netflix...i've never watched the whole series start to finish before (even though i own it all on dvd)
+ i'll be second shooting a wedding in march!
+ the launch of our team applications happened last week for the peony project...we have had a great response so far!
+ reading the best yes...so much truth in that book!

what are you grateful for today?

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  1. I just received the Best Yes in the mail this weekend. Woo hoo!

  2. I want to read The Best Yes! Right now I'm reading Let's All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs, but I think I'll order TBY once I finish it. It sounds sooo good! And I loved your gym selfie the other day. I've been working out a lot, too. We should find a way for the Peony Project girls to encourage each other with that!

  3. I agree! I do a Fitness Fridays post. Maybe a linkup?!

  4. Friends on Netflix...such a bad thing for my time management issues! hehe.

  5. Thanks for the uplift! What a perfect way to start the week!

  6. That's an awesome idea! Or even just an Instagram hashtag or something (like #peoniesgetfit maybe?) I feel like I post more on there about working out or what I'm eating, and I love checking out hashtags to see what others are doing and to get inspired!

  7. You're welcome! Glad you stopped by!

  8. ugh, for reals! haha I basically always have it on in the background when I'm working on stuff!

  9. It's so good! I'm on a few chapters in, but it's everything that my heart needs. :)

  10. ohhhh lady. Um, speaking of a diet reset?? I need Christian to come home like YESTERDAY because so far, I have baked banana bread, apple cake, cupcakes, and a mini chocolate cake. (I'm not even kidding right now.) Of course I'm not eating all of it but I've been so bored at night and go straight to baking! Maybe my neighbors like cake?! (PS- yes to Friends on Netflix!)

  11. I'm grateful for not having to teach today and being able to run for the first time in months!

  12. I have been including whole 30/Paleo meals for dinner for my family for dinner, which has been an adventure. I have enjoyed cooking them. I have been loosely sticking to a whole 30, more of a Paleo approach in my eating habits since the new year began. It is not easy but the results have been great thus far.


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