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Jan 10, 2020

HTB Happenings

well, the first full week of 2015 is behind us!  it's been a good week of getting back into the routine of things...getting back to work and teaching, getting back to the gym.  so if you're still getting back into the groove like me, here's what you might have missed this week!

+ i'm in love with this mug that i picked up at anthro right after christmas!  i have a black one but i've always loved the gold ones!
+ reading this book in preparation for bree's book study starting soon!  so good!
+ aj's mom gave us these books when we got engaged.  so funny!
+ it's been chilly frigid in pa this week!  that's meant lots of warm scarves and long sweaters!

in case you missed it:
+ we kicked off the year with the peony project's january link up.  this month's prompt?  renew.
+ now that aj and i are engaged, i've decided to start sharing our story on the blog!
+ i joined in on the golden vlog this month!
+ started the week with a grateful list!

don't miss these:
+ daisy has some great tips for making social media manageable!  
+ meagan's chicken and orzo recipe will have your mouth watering!
+ mandy took a trip to nyc!
+ if you're a bride-to-be, then definitely check out mary's run-down of resources that every bride can use to plan her wedding!
+ rebecca's wedding is in southern bride!

have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I love that mug! I really want one... :) I was going to get one for my sister-in-law, but the mall near me that has an Anthroplogie is not my favorite place to go because of traffic. I prefer the smaller mall that's closer to me! Those books look hilarious. I'd love to read them--you should have a book club for those! Haha

  2. Hahaha I got that "Don'ts for Wives" books from the girls who threw my hen party, it's so funny!!

  3. Love these posts from you! Your don't miss posts are so great- I'm loving the wedding theme :)

  4. I am on the waiting list at my library for The Best Yes. Can't wait to read it!

  5. The Best Yes is an awesome book!!! and I love the mugs from Anthro!! ;)


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