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Jan 9, 2020

The Golden Vlog // January

i'm so excited to be joining in with faith over at life with mrs. g and the artist today for her monthly series, the golden vlog!   i linked up with faith last month to talk about advent, and it was so much fun that i didn't want to miss january!  the link-up technically went live yesterday but it's open for a while, so you still have time to join in too!

excuse my messy hair (maybe i filmed this before i showered...maybe), and thanks in advance for listening to me ramble for 10 minutes about 2015, my resolutions, and what i did for new years eve!

what about you?  tell me what you're looking forward to in 2015!


  1. Ok, first off ... yes I think you should definitely count the Peony Project as an accomplishment for 2014!! It's an amazing thing. :) I'm so excited for you and AJ. Also I hope you get to come to Influence but I would totally understand not being able to come if your brother birthday is the same weekend. Thanks so much for linking up again! I was so happy to see that you did.

  2. Yay for vlogs! I love doing these. I'm getting married in 2015 as well. SO EXCITING. I can't wait to hear more about your big day!

  3. I keep forgetting how recently the Peony Project started - amazing, isn't it!? HUGE achievement!! Also - I love your hair curly!! :)
    August weddings rock! (We're the 17th :) ) I really hope you get to go to Influence, as I'd love to finally meet you in person, but your brother obviously takes precedence ;) so whatever happens don't worry about it too much!


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