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Aug 14, 2020

Local Eats // Dosie Dough

it's no secret that i love coffee, and as much as i love starbucks, i also really like finding cute local places to grab a cup!  i've known about dosie dough for a while now, but its one of those spots that's just a little bit out of the way of my normal routes, so i always forget about it!  (for those in or around the reading area, it's down penn ave in wyomissing just before it the exit onto 222 towards lancaster)

it's a cute little spot, with some seating inside and outside, which was perfect for a summer morning.  my aunt and i made appointments for pedicures that morning, so we opted to grab breakfast at dosie dough beforehand.

they had a whole coffee bar inside...no crazy options in terms of flavor shots and lattes and things like that, but a good selection of four or five different brews (including a few flavored coffees), plus ice coffee and tea.  i had an iced coffee and my aunt had tea.

in terms of food, dosie dough is stocked with all kinds of pastries, from donuts to danishes, as well as bagels and rolls.  there is also the option to create your own breakfast sandwich, which i chose.  i decided on egg, cheese, and bacon on brioche (because who doesn't love a good brioche roll!)  it was delicious! (my aunt opted for a multigrain bagel and cream cheese)

i wish i had taken some photos of the inside (it was so cute! imagine a little bakery and pastry market...baskets of baked goods and little snacks that you can't find just anywhere), but sometimes i get awkward about taking photos inside of businesses...i never know if the owner is going to be mad!

dosie dough is a great little breakfast and coffee spot to spend a morning with a friend or on your own!  there was a decent amount of seating so you could definitely grab a spot and sit to do some work or reading, or just chat for a while.

my recommendation // a breakfast sandwich (so customizable!) and coffee, though i've heard their sour cream donuts are fantastic as well


  1. There is nothing I love more than a good old traditional coffee or tea house. The food looks so delicious too. Yum yum

    Rachel xx


  2. *drool* brioche is just amazing!! looks like a really cute place - love the sign!

  3. yummo!!! looks awesome and I love a good cup of Joe!! ;)

  4. oh my...delicious. i would love this right now.

  5. It's posts like this that inspire me to get out and explore my local eateries! I love little quaint, artsy, eclectic, coffee shops! Wonderful post!

  6. Local coffee spots are the best! I wish there were more of them in my area. Those sandwiches look great. I love a good breakfast sandwich.

  7. What a cute place! We just moved and haven't yet found our favorite local coffeehouse. There is a Starbucks we default to because we know it's good. There is a placed called The Alcove people seem to love but it didn't really do it for us. We're still on the hunt. I heard of a dog-friendly place near the dog park called Park Grounds I'm thinking of checking out but it's more of a deliberate drive than a neighborhood stop. :(

  8. So cute! Their logo is adorable! I need to explore more local eats in my city!

  9. yum, yum! i adore their coffee sleeve design, so cute!

  10. ha! it was a tasty little spot! :)

  11. i have to admit i frequent starbucks all the time...i'm a gold member and i just love the rewards, ya know? but i do like finding local spots too!!

  12. We're gold too. :-) It used to be for the free soy but they took that away but still, the perks are worth it!


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