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Aug 15, 2020

A Summer Take on Jeans and a Tee

i work at a church where we're allowed to dress pretty casually during the week.  for me, that means a lot of jeans!  i'm a total jeans and tee kinda girl...i like looking cute, but i also need to feel comfortable.  that's often when i feel most confident.

this outfit is one that i love for the office for summer.  it's so comfortable, and it's a fun take on the jeans and a t-shirt classic.  plus, i picked up both the jeans and shirt on sale at gap, and you can't beat a pair of jeans for $13 (especially when they were originally $70)!  i also love my saltwater sandals, particularly when they're paired with jeans.  i ordered them last summer and they quickly became one of my favorite pairs of sandals!

one of the other things i'm attempting to do more is wear my glasses instead of my contacts.  i've been wearing glasses since i was in first grade, and contacts since i was in sixth, and i'm basically as blind as a bat.  i'm on a mission to fall in love with glasses again, so i ordered a fun pair from coastal.com (thanks to their first pair free program!) and i've been working on wearing them more often!

shirt // gap
cami // forever 21
jeans // gap
sandals // saltwaters
glasses // coastal.com

if you haven't yet, make sure to enter my august giveaway for your chance to win $100 to gap and $30 to starbucks!


  1. Jeans and a t-shirt are the best! I basically have to put my jeans away for the entire summer here in Florida because it's just too hot. Last night I got to wear some because it had been raining all day and was a little cooler out. I was pretty excited!

  2. jealous of your t-shirt and jeans. when i lived in SF, I worked in that kind of environment. Now it is office wear.

  3. Jeans and t-shirts are some of my favorite fall items, actually! This is such a cute outfit :)

  4. my go to outfit is a tee and jeans, I simply like clothes, I'd wear dresses and skirts all the time too . Those glasses are cute! it takes a while to get use to glasses after wearing contacts and vice versa.

  5. I love a good pair of comfy jeans!! One of my favorite go-to items! Those sandals are too cute!

  6. Jeans and Tees are my favorite! I love that you can wear jeans to work all the time. I worked at a church for a while but we only did jeans on Friday.

  7. I am a jeans and tshirt kinda gal too! All the way!

  8. it's seriously so nice! even jeans on friday is nice! when i was student teaching i treasured the fridays when we could wear jeans!!


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