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Aug 29, 2020

Summer Goals, Revisited

back in june, i blogged a list of all of my goals for the summer.  since summer is coming to a close, i thought i'd revisit those goals and see how i did!  here goes....

by "community", i mean goals that i have for spending time with or doing things with or for other people…
travel!  day trips or long weekends…i want to get out of town this summer! // went to the beach, nyc, philly, nashville, boston...pretty good summer!

have good conversations…dig deep // spent some afternoons with friends grabbing coffee

go to a concert or two (starting with onerepublic at the end of this month!) // onerepublic for the win!  amazing show!

be an encourager // i hope i did this....though i know it's still something i'm working to develop!

go on a few fun dates with aj // one republic, jimmy fallon, a few dinner and mini golf dates

spend a lot of time with family // i didn't see my brother as much as i would have liked, but i spent a good deal of time with my parents!

my personal goals revolve around things i need to do for me

read…work my way through my stack of unread books  // i won't cross this off because i only kinda did it...i may have actually added books to the stack

take time each week to sit at a coffee shop and write/blog // it wasn't always in a coffee shop, but i did make intentional writing/blogging time this summer!

get into a better devotional routine // total fail.  ugh. 

knock a few diy projects off of my list // ugh again.  not really.

clean out and thin out my closet and room  // it's still a work in progress but i got rid of a few big bags of clothing!

save money like crazy  // maybe "like crazy" is a bad term...but i did do a fair amount of saving! 

circle some big goals/dreams in prayer and see where God takes them! // this was all about the peony project, and i'm super excited about where it's heading!

learn to rest and abide // why is it so hard to slow down??

have tech-free days  // not exactly.  i really need to schedule these.

i started setting some serious wellness goals for myself this spring, and i want to see those continue!
train for a half marathon (and run 13.1 by summer's end!)

eat better // nope.  fall?

adjust my mindset to stay inspired and motivated // this summer was a roller coaster.  i spent too much time disliking my body and feeling lazy and sluggish instead of inspired and motivated

workout at least 3x per week // didn't exactly happen.  oh well...i need the routine and schedule of fall!

go on lots of walks with aj // mission accomplished!

bike with my dad as he trains for his 150 mile ride this fall // we went on a few rides, but his health wasn't the best this summer

juice a lot // nope.  fall?

wear sunscreen regularly // i was so good at the beach this year!  i didn't get burnt at all!

did you make goals for your summer?  how did you do?


  1. Juicing more is always on my list--I'm hoping to do a lot of it this fall!

  2. I've just started back into a work out routine a couple weeks ago…totally fell off my routine after my wedding…but it's so hard to get back onto it! Fall fitness goals! We can do it! haha! But it looks like your summer was great! :)

  3. You did scratch off a lot on your list, so you go lady! <3 I set a few goals, but sadly I did not follow through most. But I blame that on my pregnancy. [ best excuse ever, ha!]

  4. You did pretty good girl! Are you going to do one of these for Fall too?

  5. You're dates with aj sound awesome!! One Republic, Jimmy Fallon, I'm so jealous! Keep on setting goals, you can do it! :)

  6. Ms. Betsy, I'm so glad you were able to knock at least SOME of your goals! But honestly that #dailyconsistentdevotionalstruggle is too real! I'll be praying for the both of us to get into awesome routines! Also, having tech-free days is something I want to do, but I have no idea where to start! Hope your day has been fantastic! :)

  7. You had a lot!! nice job...I post monthly goals and sometimes post reading goals, but I've never done an entire season. but i love posting them, it feels like accountability once you write it out for everyone to read! :)

  8. This is so awesome. I really need to sit down one day and make my goals! I know it has to feel good to go through and see what you have accomplished!

  9. hey girl! want to get on a devotional track together and work on that goal with some accountability? or reading books, or eating right, or exercising. per usual, our lists are kind of similar :)

  10. um yes! that would be awesome :) I need accountability!

  11. Hi I'm new :) just found you through grateful mondays :) i've just started putting some goals together for the fall - I've realized that time flies, and some how I don't get to things I thought I would! The two things I actually got to this summer were working out and juicing - and the only way I did it was together - I joined a 4x a week bootcamp (so I had some accountability) and juiced on the days I worked out - it was one of the first things I did when I got home! I need the routine & accountability for sure otherwise I just don't get to it - which is prob why on the days I don't work out I often forget to juice too!

  12. hey!! so glad you stopped by! :)
    i totally hear you....time definitely flies! i need "to do" lists or i'll never get anything done! haha....that's awesome that you got into a routine! i'm hoping to get back into one this month :)

  13. it so does! this is the first time i've posted about what i actually accomplished, but it felt good!

  14. thanks amy! i always feel pressured by monthly goals, so i decided to try out seasonal goals, and i think i really like it! it was a good time frame for me :)

  15. me too!! oh gosh, i totally have such a struggle when it comes to devotions! i need to make the time and want to work it into my morning routine, but the alarm goes off and snooze sounds like a good option and then the struggle continues!

  16. awe thanks! we had some good ones this summer :)

  17. awe, thanks so much bex! that was so sweet!

  18. i'm hoping to angela! i need to think through what would be on my fall list!

  19. thanks ashley! pregnancy is definitely a end-all, be-all excuse! haha

  20. ugh, it so is! i'm itching to get running again though, so i'm hoping it'll be easier to kick it into high gear this fall!

  21. me too! i need to do a juice fast or something :)

  22. Cool Air always makes running easier!


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