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Oct 28, 2020

Man's Best Friend

about a year ago, we picked up this (not so) little pup and brought him home to his forever family.  it was my dad's 50th birthday and we were surprising him with a new addition to the family.  i'll just start off by saying that goldendoodles are the best dogs ever.  hands down.  (don't even try to argue)

after we got ollie home, we quickly learned that he was a really curious pup.  he was also super smart, and was housebroken really fast.  but that curiosity was often a bit of a problem.  since the first season he experienced was fall, he learned rapidly that there were lots of fun things he could attempt to eat!  beyond the multitude of toys that we showered on him, he also developed a love of leaves and sticks.

so a few weeks after bringing ollie home, we brought home our christmas tree, which presented a whole new slew of challenges.  our curious little guy found his way under the tree on many occasions, and always managed to find a twig or trimming that had fallen off of the tree to be his newest chew toy.  so, we kept a careful eye on him.  but one time, even after removing the twig from his puppy jaws, it was clear that something was wrong.  ollie seemed to be choking, and we quickly realized that he must have swallowed a smaller piece of the twig.

if you have ever had a pet in distress, you know the panic that immediately sets in.  you need to figure out what to do, and fast.  googling "my puppy is choking" left me with a lot of pretty unhelpful information, and so i ended up doing a sort of puppy-version of the heimlich, at least as best as i could manage!  fortunately, it worked, but it made me realize that i really needed a good go-to website for all things puppy-health related.

as any pet owner can tell you, it's incredibly important to keep your furry friends healthy and happy...that includes regular vet visits.  and like any doctor visit, it can be confusing to navigate the world of knowing what to ask the vet and what your pet needs at each check-up or when you should make that sick appointment.  enter royal canin.  royal canin is now my go-to for any and all questions i have about ollie's health.   royal canin takes a look at all aspects of pet health through a scientific lens, and can help you make the best decisions about how to best care for your pet!  their complete pet-reference guide should be bookmarked on any pet-owner's computer.

no matter what kind of accident your puppy may have, whether it's using your living room carpet as a bathroom or being a little too curious for their own good, you can definitely trust royal canin to be the go-to for advice on keeping your pet happy and healthy!

do you have any pets?  have any "oops!" stories to share?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Ollie is so cute--I love golden doodles--they are just the sweetest! Our newest pup also got into the the tree a couple of times last year and we have to keep an eye on him nowadays because he has pulled apart a pallet! Yes, a pallet! He's a crazy one!

  2. Oh man! Glad he didn't choke! He's so cute, even though he still hasn't figured out how to not attack you as you walk through the door ;)

  3. Golden doodles ARE the best!! We got Coconut in March and she's the perfect addition to our family!

  4. Golden doodles are the best! We want one so bad :) I've never heard of Royal Canin but I'll definitely be looking into them! :)

  5. they are SO the best! seriously, greatest personality in a dog ever!

  6. ollie has the best personality....we've loved every dog we've ever had, but he is probably the sweetest and most cuddly!

  7. haha true...he just gets so excited!

  8. oh my word! talk about a power chewer! haha


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