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Oct 9, 2020

Step Inside My Office...

i've mentioned before that i work on the creative team at gt church in reading, pa.  since taking this position last fall, i've settled into sharing an office with my boss.  she's often running around in meetings, so this little space ends up being shared a small percentage of the time that i'm actually in it.  but she's also a fantastic decorator, and loves constantly changing things up, so it's bee really fun to have an inspiring workspace to be in!

since our office really is fun and unique, i thought i'd give you all a glimpse into it today!

this is the view when you look in from the door.  my desk is on the left and debbie's is tucked around the corner on the right.

my bulletin board and photos that hang next to my desk...lots of inspiration, quotes, and hand lettering going on, as well as goals, invite cards to upcoming sermon series and events, and projects i'm working on!

debbie found this old door and had her husband, todd (who is incredibly handy and also happens to be our children's pastor) bring it in to be a sort of bulletin board for her.  she has lots of quotes, photos, and mementos on it.

the top of my bookshelf. yes, we have monogrammed pumpkins and old barnwood all over the place.

again, more hand lettering and comfy chairs!  i love just collapsing into this particular chair...it's one of my faves.

this chair sits in front of my desk, and is usually where people land when they come to chat with me.

since my desk doesn't really have any storage, i picked up this white bookshelf and these great fabric drawers at target last winter and created some storage for myself.

my entire workspace...i love it!

and finally...debbie's workspace.  she has this really cool corner desk that she is constantly turning to face different directions.  seriously, it's been in three or four different positions since i moved in to her office last september!

so that's it!  stop by and we'll have coffee some time!


  1. Um gorgeous. I love your decor! I really love the old door, it pays to know someone handy :)

  2. this is such a fun space! love all the detail!!!

  3. Love this area! I am settling into my office now and just started decorating..trying to come up with some creative things.

  4. Love your office space. It's so pretty.

  5. I love all the eclectic pieces, Betsy-- especially that wooden door:)

  6. Oh my heavens, it is a gorgeous space!!

  7. L-O-V-E!!! Please, please, please come decorate my office! :)

  8. I love the wooden corner. Also, my husband is from Lancaster!!

  9. When I saw the first photo, I thought it was your home office, but then I saw that it's your work office! What a great space to work in! At my job, I'm surrounded by gray. Gray carpet tiles, gray laminate work surfaces, and worse of all, gray cubicle walls. It's awful!

  10. I LOVE your office. This is such an adorable space; everything neat and organized and very inviting. You've inspired me with all the details. Perfect I wouldn't change a thing! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  11. So, so, so cute! :) This is such a great space for work. I especially love your bulletin board... I've been meaning to get a board for my desk to put up inspiring art, too.

    Jenny @ Coffee & Honeycomb

  12. Oh, I knew I'd love this space once I saw more than just snippets on Instagram. :) Such a fun space. It also looks really calming and cozy as well!

  13. ooooh! I LOVE workspace tours!!!! :) I am so in love with your office, Betsy - it's beautiful! Do you know where that light blue chair is from? Your space is so lovely- it's easier to be creative in a space that offers inspiration and reflects YOU!

  14. Wow, your office is so, so beautiful! That must be awesome to share the office with someone who enjoys decorating too :) So much inspiration in this space!

  15. What a cute office!!! What is it that you do in the church?

  16. What a great space this is! I was promoted to permanent status a few months back and I am now looking to add some color to both of my offices. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. You have the cutest office ever! I don't have an office at home but I REALLY need to decorate my new office at work..



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