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Oct 23, 2020

Go Small Business!

i can't believe that christmas is just two months away...i don't know about you, but i'm kind of terrible with doing any sort of christmas shopping far in advance...i'm a black-friday-or-later kind of gal.  but this year, i really want to get my shopping done a little earlier, and i really want to patronize some small business and etsy shops for gifts this year!

i have loved etsy since college, and i've been slowly creating some pieces and working on some branding for my own shop that will hopefully open in the near future, if i can just find some time to get it all together!

but in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite shops, and some are run by a few of my favorite people:

run by megan of arroway // features pretty watercolor prints

run by rachel of oh simple thoughts // features crocheted items and other inspiring pieces

sew what scarves
run by melissa // features handmade scarves and knit items

thatch and thistle
fun paper supplies (great for gift wrap add-ons and party supplies!)

amanda fair designs
sewn goods like pouches, bow ties, and baby quilts

and if you're looking to discover some fun etsy goods, i have teamed up with my two awesome etsy shops & nine wonderful bloggers to bring you a giveaway full of goodies you'll love celebrating! 
happy little hummingbird           //           east west design co.
park avenue     //     lisa loves john     //     jessi's design
beautiful things    //     make me up mia     //     flowers in my hair

here's what we are giving away:

crystal faye oh happy day coffee mug
gold print fancy tee from the sticker place etsy shop
fall bracelet stack from happy little hummingbird etsy shop
thimblepress greeting card 
watercolor scripture print from east west design co.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

what are some of your favorite etsy shops?


  1. yay!! love me some etsy!!! and hosting this giveaway with you!!

  2. Aw betsy! Thanks for the feature :) you da best.

  3. Isn't East West Design Co just the best!? I love everything in their shop! One of my favorite shops right now is Pretty Little Elm, she makes the most adorable headbands!

  4. My best friend and her sister have an amazing print shop on Etsy! They make great printables!

  5. Such cute things! I tried to like Park Avenue's facebook page -- but something went wrong, and I can't find it now! So I might have a "free" entry that I didn't mean to create :) Just FYI!

  6. I love looking through Etsy to find present's inspirations!

    Indiellie | Bloglovin'

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